Latihan Industri (1)

Today is the second day of my InTra aka Industrial Training aka Latihan Industri aka LI. Yay it's fun!

First day of LI was booooriinnggg. Most of the time I just sat in the office facing the other coursemates who went to the same place and the staffs. The office is not as big as the HUSM's biomedical office, plus the staffs are more than HUSM's, so the office is a little packed. Even the staffs don't have their own seat or cubicle. Hmm...

Today, I was so occupied and busy! Haha! Siao one busy also can be so happy +.+ I think I've walked almost few thousand steps today. I went to almost every corner of HKB, since morning sending equipments retrieving equipments at few wards and labs, Top syringe pumps training & commissioning at ward 3; evening session: another round of sending and retrieving equipments to-fro wards. Shiok!

And the fun-er part is, we getting closer and closer among the staffs. Can even start one or two lame jokes with them already! Hehe =)

Just hope this situation can last for 2 months.


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