Latihan Indutri (5) - BP cuffs

Today I visited ward 3 - Baby ICU with Apis to fix 2 BP sets.

This is a first time I actually see the BP cuffs used for babies, infants and children. See the size differences between the cuffs?

The adult cuff looks so gigantic among those baby cuffies. Kiut~~~ ^_^

We need to try the cuffs to make sure there's no air leaking - which means the cuffs are good. Of course we tried out first with the adult cuff to make sure the BP set is working. Then I tried the baby cuffs.

OMG~ My baby's arm will be as big as my three fingers

And OH look the size of the arm is the same as my thumb...

Random story time:
I asked mum yesterday about the Christmas holiday because I thought there's no holiday in Kelantan on the day (because as I remembered I worked on that day when I was with Akrab).

Mum said: We always have holiday in December! How should I know?

Nee said: What about Christmas?

Mum said: We always have holiday in December! Don't you get it? We always have holiday in December!!

Nee said: ... ... Ah forget it. I'll ask engineers tomorrow.

After a while, only then I understood what does she mean in her 'yelling' of holiday in December. School holiday ALWAYS falls on December, so there's no differences between holiday on Christmas or not, she's having her holiday anyway~ Duh... If only she could say it precise-r.

Anyway, I'll have one day off on Christmas! ^_^


'sNatasha.M' said…
merry xmas... i wanna teddy bear too... would mine telling mr santa claus for me... ngeee

tino said…
wa tak mi answer first time te zai Mi si kong school holiday liao la.. =.=
*Nee* said…
wa mui mi christmas holiday mah, 脑袋一时转不过来... :p

merry xmas! I don't celebrate christmas la my dear, so santa claus won't pedulikan me one... :p

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