Latihan Indutri (4) & 冬至

1. Yesterday was 冬至, a chinese festival that celebrates for the beginning of Winter (冬至=冬天的到来 wtf). On this day, we will eat Tang Yuan, a kind of none(in malay)-alike sweeties, which we knead the flour into dough, then tear it into small pieces, and roll it until it becomes a round small tiny dough. It's been 2 years (i think) already that I haven't celebrate this day with my family. Sigh. But this year is finally excluded! =)

Correction: The actual event of 冬至 aka Dong Zhi aka Dang Jek aka Winter Solstice is that it falls on the shortest day on the year - usually either 21 or 22 Dec. Old folks saying that the weather condition of 冬至 is inverse proportionally to the weather condition of CNY, which means if it's raining on 冬至, it will be a big sunny day on CNY. On the early years, it really proves the authentication of this statements. However, nowadays the uncertain weather condition strikes, this kind of saying is unreliable.

Even though there's only 2 of us in the house: mum, da jie and me, but we still make a small amount of tang yuan for bai bai and for us to eat. Gosh I miss tang yuan! Mum suggested making 3 different colors: white the tradisional, red the tradisional as well and green; add on tang yuan with black sesame filling (bought one lah ofcoz).

Then the tang yuan was cooked with water, adding ginger and daun pandan. So the taste is slightly 'ginger' and very sweet. ^_^

2. This is my 4th week of LI. Yay it is sometimes fun, sometimes bored, sometimes frustrated and sometimes excited! Hehe! =)

Day by day, I learnt more and more things and a lot more stuffs are out there for me to learn! Wow!

This 2 days I've been working on this fella:

Terumo Syringe pump. The clamp failed. (The green color thing at the right)

Fixing it might seems like easy: just take it out, unscrew here and there, adjust here and there, screw back and done. But dengz I underestimate the possibility of catastrophy of a syringe pump! :x

It took me one whole solid working day to fix this stuff, summore didn't work! Then I shouted for help from the syringe pump specialist En. Kamaruzaman. We combined our power and finally get the stuff done today! But then another problem arose... Internal 难搞 problem... Arghghghgaghaghrghrghgh I'm going crazy!

The other day our boss En. Wan (we called him cik We (kelantanese slang), and he can speak mandarin! ^_^) took us for a 30-minutes tour to Radiography department to see the CT Scan and MRI.

The Siemen service personnel happen to be there as well! He's there for PPM service of the CT Scan. So...

How many of you get to see the inside of a CT Scan machine huh????? AhahahhahahHAhAHha Hao Lian de C-I-Bin -_-

Then we moved on to see MRI too. Too bad I can't take any pictures of it because there's a patient doing the scan. However, we get to see how the patient is being scanned and how the personnal retrieve the scanned image and processing procedures. Cool~

Of course my whole day working tasks are not just repairing the syringe pump, visiting the tremendous scanning machines, go back to office and stare blank-ly on the wall lah. This few weeks, I went to few more new equipments' T&C, such as ventilator lor, endoscopy system lor etc.

I think, in the whole hospital, the ONLY ward that have the MOST happiness and delight environment would be the maternity ward. Besides that... ... You know lar! Hospital mah!

Last but not least, I wish everyone...

Happy 冬至
Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year~


tino said…
wa ka 2 je te jiak kaki nia
*Nee* said…
kesian... mi kong tan li dui lai, ai ki beh hi le black sesame tang yuan dui lai zhu jiak ;)

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