Latihan Industri (2)

This morning, we have a so-called perhimpunan at our Radicare office's parking bay.

Well, it can consider a 'standard' perhimpunan procedures except one: nyanyikan lagu Negaraku! =D

After several days and weeks of non-stop rainy days, this two days' weather was great. Sunny bright sun light is back. So is today, and damn it's so hot for us to stand under the sun +.+ After baca doa, the pengerusi rancangan introduced the new staffs, and us O_o to all the staffs. Luckily there were 8 of us, but I can still feel some heat on my face *blek*

Our biomedic manager gave his speech first. It was so weird he talked about 'eat' and eating habit O_0 Then FEMS manager's turn, talking about a story which the moral of the story is be yourselves O_0 Lastly was the Radicare Kelantan manager's turn, and finally more related agendas he talked about (although the sun was so hot I couldn't absorb anything he said already).

On the afternoon we had a small bek woh at our office, so I didn't back home for lunch.

Today's job tasks were ok, not too busy not too free. The fun part was Abe Rozaimie, one of our engineers gave us a lecture about diode. =) And I never knew I am so soho at our office =.=

If Sunday's weather is Okay, I'm so gonna ride motor to work already!!! Damn since when KayBee got so many cars one!?!? An approximate-15-minutes trip from HKB to home 竟然 extended to 30 minutes! Jilakat ches!!!

Random story time:
现在[哇!TV]正上映着[还君明珠],大姐和我正追看着。这是一部很典型的‘收视率长红’华语连续剧:多角恋爱,父子不和,大小老婆,情同手足,手足相残 etc etc etc。


故事情节也还~~啦,就是个会看到我气喘的戏咯。倒是它的片尾曲超级格格不入。一个半摩登,女主角都还穿旗袍上衣,男主角穿衬衫小外套西裤的戏,戏剧完结后,“紧紧相依的心如何说再见(字幕的确是这样写的,虽然他唱say goodbye)”就响起... ...

歌是好听啦,可是... ...



“有些女生,明知道那个男的有很多个女人,可是还是死心塌地跟着他;有些,男的心里只有她,可是女生最后还是选择离开那个男的。重点不在那个男生是什么样, 而是那个女生是怎样的一个女生。”


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