Latihan Indutri (3)

This is the story of what I do everyday in Radicare Hospital Kota Bharu.

Our job tasks are roughly divided into three major tasks:
1. T&C (Testing/Training & Commissioning)
2. Unscheduled Maintenance/Respond (e.g. phone call complaint)
3. PPM (Planned Preventive Maintenance)

1. Task 1 will be done when a new equipment is purchased by the hospital and the equipment have been delivered by the vendor/supplier and received by the particular hospital department. Until now, I have attended 3 t&c for 3 different equipments (syringe pump, endoscopy balloon control unit and patient monitoring system PMS).

The 'chaplang' PMS which costs RM13k +.+

T&C is a very good opportunity for us to not staying bored in the office while able to spend long time elsewhere. Wakakka!

2. Task 2 is the most important and most frequent task that I/we will encounter in a day. Nurse or sister will call up Radicare office when there's a breakdown, either critical or normal (not that they can judge the priority of the condition anyway =.=), then we will attend the ward or department which we referred that action as Respond. Usually we will follow the engineer to respond, but in some situation (small problem or require to take it back to office for service), the engineers will ask us to respond instead.

Ripple matress control unit

2 BP set, repaired, prepare to send back to its place.

Syringe pump

3. Task 3 is a planned maintenance for each of the equipments. PPM of an equipment depends on its usage frequency, the priority, the condition etc. Usually the PPM interval period is 3-month, 6-month and 12-month interval.

I never followed the engineers for an PPM yet, so nothing to say yet +.+

Basically, that's what I do lah~

Random Story time:
1. Luckily yesterday not raining! Yay! I felt so excited and delighted when I overtook all those cars along berek 12! I managed to go to Jalan Kebun Sultan after work (5.35pm) to dabao my dinner, chitchat with chipompom , and reached home at 6.10pm! Hhahahaha!

Traffic light at the New Pacific Hotel

The whole road toward the next traffic light is jam neh~ Can imagine how horrible it is to drive!? Hhahahahah I am so gonna ride motor to work later on =)

2. Mum bought this at Famous Amos KL for me as christmas present =)


After home alone for 2 solid days, this is definitely sweetie!

3. Thanks to Kai Hong to send me the program to crack the reflexive games! Wakakkaka! I've downloaded loads of games from and I love it so much, such as Airport Mania (I finally understand how difficult papa's daily work is), Coffee Rush (earning the coins are hard!), Farm Mania (1 girl to do all the farming works are buzy!), Farm Frenzy (FF2's hens are cuter than FF's duck!), Sally's Salon (another busy 1-leg-kick girl boss), Cooking Academy (Can I use the recipes in it to cook real life's food? hmmm...) and Wedding Dash (The Diner Dash tauke soh, Flo's wedding planner friend)! =)


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