The Amazing Race Edition

After the trip of last weekend, I can proudly announce my own The Amazing Race Edition. Haha! Here goes the story~

Friday: Went to Johor for the first time to attend Mahalia's wedding at Kluang, Johor. I'll be staying at Hidayah's place at Batu Pahat and go to Kluang with her. The bus was at 7pm, and estimated will arrive Johor at around 6-7am the next day. Had quarrel with LCC on the bus because of the journey and trip schedule and the V-day (Honestly, it is too commercialized la!). Luckily I am a good sleeper, I slept most of the time on the bus.

Saturday: I woke up when the bus stopped at Segamat bus station, and slept back when the bus started moving again. Something weird happened. The bus went for a short while, and stopped by the road side. I wasn't fully awake, but my half-slept mind was telling me:"Gosh! Bus ROSAK! ARGH!" But then I slept back anyway. The time was about 3.30am. I awoke and slept for few times for the following hours, hearing the pakciks and drivers' conversation blur-ly, something like "the bus's clutch broke down", "will have bas ganti from other town to that place", "someone is coming to fix the bus". Finally, I fully woke up at around 9am, I heard that someone is really coming to fix the bus, and some sort of bus will come to pick us up, so I waited loh.

Manatau my decision was so wrong! The someone really did come, but I think the problem was too terrible, they had to go off to buy spare parts for few times. And because someone is coming to fix the bus, the ganti bus aint coming. ARGH! Finally, I gave up and walked to the bus station to take a bus to Yong Peng because there's no bus directly to BP from Segamat. Again, LUCKILY the bus wasn't broke down in the middle of nowhere, the bus station is just in a 5-minute walking distance.

I waited Hird to fetch me in Yong Peng. In the same time, I was lucky enough to watch a female fighting live show! Haha! I heard a crushing sound, and I saw 2 cars were parking really near to each other. A lady from one of the cars came out and dragged a lady from the other car out and gave her a slap. Then they started pulling hair, kicking, slapping and shouting! So cool! People around the area came to watch this amazing live show too. A guy went to pull them off and stop the fight. I heard an uncle said:"It's because of a car accident." Huh!? Need to be until like that meh!?

Hird came and fetch me to her house. I took a bath, had some lunch (first meal for the day! ARGH!), and went off to Liea's house. We reached there at around 4pm, and the people already started to pack up! Haha! Manage to bump into Pae too! Her daughters are kiut! She scolded me for not visiting her even though we are so near to each other (She stays in Jitra, me in Perlis).

Later, Hird showed me her LI place, and places around BP.

Sunday: Woke up quite late. Had breakfast. Headed to Melaka to meet up with Adik Aqma. The journey from BP to Melaka is about 2 hours.

Adik and her Ibu are srsly a good host and tour guides! They treated us for a nice lunch, and a ride at Menara Taming Sari.

It was fun! The menara was something like the space shot in Genting, the different is that the speed is much much more slower than Genting's.

See the circle thingy at the top of the pole?

That's the thing we ride in, the thing will climb up the pole in a very slow speed, and when it reaches the top, the ring will turn 360 degree slowly, allowing us to see around Melaka at the significant height.

The Ship

EYE on Melaka

The trip lasted about 7 minutes. The height was abit creepy, I even had some kegelian on my feet. Haha!

After the slow-pace space shot, we were treated for a double decker bus ride from Adik's ex schoolmate. The tour was cool too, we sat at the upper level, the bus took us around Melaka town, and the adding point goes to Adik and her Ibu for the introduction and description of the road and places.

I took the 8.30pm bus to KL *as promised*

Monday: Lim er jie's working hour was on 1pm. I tumpang-ed her car for a ride to KL.

Met up with Poh Choo and her mum at Sg Wang. Thanks for the Kim Gary Lunch treat! =) Both she and her mum are super friendly, I was so stuffed because of that.

We walked around Sg Wang and BB Plaza for the hunt of Long Johns and other winter gears. It was indeed a Da Feng Shou, burned a big hole in my wallet.

Met up with AhYen later for another shopping trip in Times Square and back to Sg Wang. Later on a yam cha session at Taiwan Xiao Chi while waiting for LCC.

We watched Ong Bak 2 at Sunway Pyramid.

I hated so much for this kind of the-ending?-wait-for-Ong-Bak-3-lah-HAhahahhahah movie! ARGH! Well, in term of fighting movie, it is not bad, but not that good either. The fighting scenes are good, but some parts make it not that good either. But then he makes me realise one thing:"OH! THAT's the way of taking an elephant under control" by hitting its' head.

But then, Pim is kiut~! From childhood to adult! =)

Tuesday: As no one was able to fetch me to the bus station, I had to go there myself. Going out from home at around 8am, I took the rapidKL bus to KL sentral, then komuter from KL sentral to PWTC. The traffic was ok, some minor and usual jams at the certain hot spots, but it's alright.

Finally I'm back in KB! Plus, I'll be flying on 21st Feb! =)

p/s: I'm so not used to digital camera, I forgot to bring them in all of these events! So sorry for the less pictah posted. =P


tino said… celebrate valentine kak LCC meh?
*Nee* said…
ua 2 jit, so e gegeh loh

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