One day trip in Kangar

I came to Kangar 9.30pm last night for my LI presentation and shun bian perjumpaan with our 'beloved' NC for the student exchange thingy.

I wasn't complaining lah because anyhow I still need to come back to do the presentation mah, but hor I sangat mengkeliankan the other few people who come back purposely to meet up with NC.

I know that he is busy lah, but pls loh, sitting 7-8 hours of bus, just to shake hand and listening to his speech about 'congratulation! Enjoy yourselves there, becareful and have fun!" for 5 minutes and then byebye!?


Anyway, my presentation is good! The lecturers actually like it =)

Or mayb just me perasantan I don't know lol...

Need to cabut already. Planning to buy roti then head back Hotel then have a bath then kemas-kemas then waiting for the 9pm bus. Bye~


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