Happy CNY 2009

It was a long week of CNY this year. So long until I kinda hate it as "Why chu yi on monday?? Why why???" during LI. Chez~ If I am at Uni sure got one whole long week holiday ady!!! Argh!!

No need to 'ai sheng tan qi' oso lah since I ponteng-ed for almost whole week =)

Radibems' staffs are srsly kiut! On Sunday I responsibly went to office since I didn't mention any 'mintak cuti' thingy to my boss, but then the staffs started to chase me away since morning, so after I went back home for lunch, I never went to office again +.+

On wednesday (chu san), I suppose to go back to office coz on that morning, Encik Zul, my lecturer aka RPS will come to visit me, and I really went back lah that day. But then when I first stepped in the building, the staffs started to scold me liao coz "You shouldn't go to work on CNY lah! Why you come!?". So 'uan ong' neh~ When the visit thingy finally finished on 10.30am and after I sent Encik Zul back, they started to chase me back again and even warned me not to go back office on the evening and the next day!

So I didn't go to work on that evening and thursday. I am srsly a good girl! =)

This year's CNY is rather a good one! My friends quite annoyed because of my anti-sosial attitude on the social network thingy such as friendster and facebook. Kakkakaka!

This year, the Lim sisters and Sok Eng have an agreement on CNY chu yi attire color theme - Yellow!


You just can't resist to let the whole world to know about your ang bao!!!

We are the cover girls!!!

Met up with Shien, Jas, Shin Yee, Yuen Meng etc etc etc on the fifth day. Will upload photos once I have it~

Giong Hee Giong Hee ah!
Huat Ah!!!


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