CNY *reposta*

I found that my previous post of CNY suxx. So, I'm writing another one, a better one.

除夕 CNY's eve:
As usual for every years, we have our reunion dinner at my mother's mother's side. And as usual, the dishes include of shark fin, fish, alcoholic drinks etc. I still went to work at the morning, but ponteng-ed at the evening because of others' influence. Haha!

大年初一 First day:
Finally, after all these years, we spent our first day of CNY at my granma's old house. This year, our chu yi theme is yellow as what you may see the pictures in my previous post, and the food we had on this day in my granma place was nasi dagang and mee rojak.

It's been a very long time since us the huge LIM family members get to gather in the front indoor yard of the old-fashioned wooden kampung house and making so much noise. For the previous few years where the chu yi gathering was at our house, everyone had to scatter all over the parking bay, living hall and kitchen. To do this mass gathering, size does matter.

This day was the day when you get to meet relatives you only meet once a year (not all of course). Some you may suddenly find they already so grown up and feminine, making you 惭愧 of yoursleves. I also get to meet a lot more babies this year. =) But then, thing is never be the same again...

大年初二 Second day:
As usual as so many years too, this day is the day we went to visit my mother's aunty and uncle in Pasir Pekan and Kampung Cina respectively.

In the evening, I went to Hui Pheng's house to bai nian, and that was my only chance meeting her, as the poor girl was going back KL the next day as she's working on Thursday. Really kesian.

No pictures were taken on this day as I'm lazy. =)

初三 Third day:
You can find the story in my previos post. My lecturer visit etc thingy. But that's only the morning part.

In the evening, we went to Melor for my cousin's lil baby Kang Yen Xing's 1-year-old birthday bash. I never went to their house for quite some times already, they have a 42" TV mounted on the wall. If only we can play Rockband there... Cool~

This is the birthday girl

She is such a darling as she wont cry when you hug her, and making her giggle is so easy and her giggles are so loud! =) Anyway, just like any other babies, they just can't be away from their daddy and mommy for too long.

She looks so much alike her brothers, even though both her brothers ah hao and ah jiek don't look alike.



初四 Fourth day:
In the daytime, even though I'm not planning to go anywhere, I ponteng for work also. Haha! But the ponteng is worthy, as I was rushing for my LI report. Just imagine, one whole day, sitting in front of the laptop typing until so numb I don't even know what am I typing about. Chez~

In the night, I went to Min Shin's place to bai nian, another important spot that I must visit every single year. Haha! Surprisingly, I didn't even gamble.

初五 Fifth day:
Gathering at Hoon Shien's place. Her mom cooked lakso and I tell you the delicious is undescribable! I finally get the winter jacket and stuff officially from Shien through the middle man Yuen Meng. *Confused*

Look at the table. These red-cap containers are often seen in every chinese households' table during CNY, regardless of the numbers. I tried every single one~ =)

Us three besties: me, Jas and Shien shared our dark secrets behind the couch.

Suddenly, I felt the urge of posting an old picture of three of us...

Jeng jeng jeng~

Sorry for the blurry image lah~ That's the one and only picture I found. Beh-tahan-ness!

Then we moved on to Jasmine's house. This is the house where I will bao dao every single year too. =) Of course lah, kai ma's house neh~

初六 Sixth day:
We went to visit my dad's aunty and uncle in Tanah Merah and Kusial respectively. It's been few years since our last visit, and we paying this visit as one of the aunties 'scolded' my mom as we never visit them for 3 years. Haha~

In the night, we had our LIM style 捞生 at home. Mum bought the LaoSheng set at KB mall, add some carrot, mixing all the stuffs and Tada~

The taste is not bad too~ Mum said we can plan to do it again next year.

初七 - 十一 Sunday til Thurday:
This is my last week LI-ing with HKB Radicare. Things is still the same, sometimes occupied sometimes bored. I tried to learn things to the max as I wont have any other chance anymore after this.

These boys were acting crazy-ly for the past few days. They said lame jokes, talked about funny topics and doing crazy things. Haha!

Even though there's many more that I haven't learnt, but my time has come~ I just grabbed what ever I had in my mind and say goodbye~ (Cheh sound so yeng kononnya).

I didn't officially say goodbye on Thursday when I was about to leaving the office (srsly, I'm not really good at this), but my boss made the announcement that it was my last day. Everyone bid farewell, wish good luck. One of the engineers even said: "Huh!? I don't even know her yet, and she finished her LI already!?" Of course that is a joke lah~ Haha!

十二 Friday:
Gathering at Noodle Station, KB mall. I mistakenly read the sms, registering 'Noodle Station' in my mind when I headed to Noodle Station beside Sentosa. I didn't inform them that I was there already (SKB lah haiz...), have been waiting for almost 30 minutes while SMS-arguing with 'someone', only then I sms-ed them I was there ady. AND only then I knew I went to the wrong place. Chez~ Went to KB Mall to meet up with the rest. CHEZ~

After the lunch, I sent Jas home and spent the evening at her house since she is leaving KB today.

Random video time:
I found this! This was taken few semesters ago during Wong Jinn Shyann's Black Belt grading.


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