3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang Day 1

Departed from 'October' cinema hall 红十月电影院 at about 8.45am. It's a 53-people trip and the bus suxx as the chair is unadjustable. Argh my neck and waist!

Here we are again to this place. Can pruodly announced that I have been to this place twice. Haha! It was even colder than the first time we'd been here, so we just wandered around for about 5 minutes then up we go on the bus.

I really salute China people kao-kao for their 'bravery' in finding a toilet. For countless time in this 3D2N trip that the bus stopped by the road side in the middle of nowhere for the passengers to 'relief' themselves. I even experienced a mild culture shock because of that later that trip. =.=

Our first stop of 'open air WC'. At first, four of us didn't understand what the tour guide meant when she said:"OK, later male at left, female at right (男左女右)." then the bus stopped. Later only I knew, "Oh, pigi toilet kah? Aiyo +.+"

The scenery was splendid but the WC part was jialat.

Second WC stop in the middle of nowhere.

This is REALLY in the middle of nowhere because there's no other things than deserts and small bushes.

The passengers went to the back of small hills to 'relief' themselves while us standing by the bus 三条线-ing =.="

5 hours later, we had our lunch in a small town called 库米什 Kumish.

It is a small town by the highway, looks deserted and lonely. However, the food is killing us. RMB12 for a tasteless and oily Pan Mee!? =.="

Then we departed again towards our next venue: 库尔勒 Kurla.

The translation is just a direct translate from Mandarin and is totally unreliable, so please don't trust me about the name.

Along the journey, the scenery outside the bus was either this ---

Some small patch of greenery plants

or this ---

One hell big patch of desert, sand and dry bushes

Then we stopped by a kampung road again because 'the police asked the driver to do so'. Lol.

This is a typical village house that can be seen along the road. It is made out of bricks, stones, ground etc. The houses are more or less the same.

In my first thought, this is a store room. Then when the ladies went to the back of the 'store' to 'relief' themselves, I saw people inside the 'store'. It is a house. =.=" Guess what, the ladies were, again, relief themselves under open air space.

Finally, after almost 11 hours of journey, we arrived at our first 'check point': 罗布人村寨 Village of Lobu people.

It is an village that the ancient Lobu people used to stay. There are houses, performance stage, a virtue place where they conducted their prayer towards the sun god etc.

Beside this village is a vast desert! We tried our first camel ride which cost RMB50 for a really short tour.

And I tell you, these camels are camwhoring-ly posers!

We jumped on the desert and ended our day.

Believe it or not, this picture was taken at 8.45pm.

We sat on the bus for another 2 hours to arrive our hotel. The drivers were lost in the 库尔勒 Kurla town! Chez...

When we finally arrived the hotel, things aint went that well too. The other tourists were exhausted and tired, they got angry when they found out that the tour guide didn't really prepare the room arrangement properly yet. Luckily we were still patient enough to just stand aside to wait for our turn.

Thanks to the location of the hotel, we only managed to buy some mineral waters and 台湾手抓饼 (It's like roti canai, without dal and kari).

I shared a two-person room with Ju. And, as notty and wuliao as I am, I found something weird.

I found a pack of condom on the TV.


It's a room with two single beds

and a big poster of nude babies on the wall.

The end of Day one.

p/s: I hope you get what I try to say here. If you need an explanation, ermmm..., leave me a comment or watsoever lah.


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