3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang Day 2

btw... Let me intro our tour guide, 小张 Miss Zhang first. She is a nice girl, but not a good tour guide. She seldom talks on the bus, even if she talks, her topics are rather boring that annoyed most of us. Her arrangements of the hotel rooms on the first night was a nasty one, I overheard some people yelling at her in the middle of the night still. Poor her.

Back to the story.

We departed from our hotel on 8.15am.

When exiting Kurla, an accident happened in front of our bus. We were stuck there for about 40 minutes.

A small lorry full with goats try to overtake us during traffic jam

When everything was cleared, we continued our journey. Miss Zhang talked about Kurla during the journey, and she mentioned Kurla's most famous fruit: Kurla Pear 库尔勒香梨. Only then I know that people usually should eat the whole pear instead of cutting them into half or small pieces, because if you cut them, you are 分梨 (means breaking apart). Lol. Make sense.

On the way about 11am, we passed by a small town which its name catched my attention: 轮台县 Luntai. It sounds like Tayar in Mandarin.

Again, the bus stopped in the middle of nowhere for WC session.

This experience made us don't dare to drink too much water or eat too much food in case we will have stomach ache. Argh.

Finally, we arrived at 库车 Kuche at 1.30pm, had our lunch. Later, we went to a toilet where it charges 50sen. At first I thougt:"Ok, kena charge at least the condition will be better kot"

WRONG! Not only the toilet is doorless, it's like the toilet in our school, one long drain and few walls. =.="

When we were exiting the town to go to our next station, I was excited about something!


Ju was pretty annoyed because I tried to look for donkeys all the time.

This day, the drivers and tour guide were quite blur. We got lost too many times!

Bus stopped by a petrol station to ask for directions.

...and this was one of the most horrible toilet I've ever 'smell'

If only I can record the smell, I wish I can share my feeling with you. The smell even successfully chasing me away.

Finally, after 3 hours, we arrived at our second 'check point': 天山神秘大峡谷 Tian Shan Mystery Grand Canyon.

We only have 2 hours to explore this place, which is srsly not enough! This place is amazing!

It's a valley/canyon in between this two huge mountains. The geography surfaces of the valley is totally made by the mother nature: the wind, the rain etc. I have bundles of photos taken inside this valley, but I decided to just post some which I think quite amazing. This time, we followed a tour guide who was guiding her own tour just in front of us, because Xiao Zhang didn't do her job properly. Haiz...

p/s: When we were taking pictures, I said:"Take so many pictures, later go back sure dono which is which. Haha!" And, I was right! Some of the pictures, I don't even remember what is the theme. Chez.

Can you see a white shadow inside the hole? Until now, nobody knows what is the white shadow and how do it appear inside the cave.

The overall view

Can you tell what does this look like?

Answer: Elephant! Not just a normal elephant, it is a 'lovesick' one, because at its 'horns', there is water flowing down, creating a tear-alike image. I felt sorry for this elephant because at first, I have a dirty minded thought towards it because of its horn and the tear drop.

If I can record down the feeling, I sure would. The name 清凉洞 Cold Hole don't come by itself. When we passed by this area, out of sudden we felt some chill wind blowing towards us! Not a haunted scary type of chill lah~ The mountain windy type! Cool~

An uncle laughing at me while I was doing this action +.+

It is called 悬心石 Hanging Stone with a reason. The stone is actually caught in the middle of the valley. You have to squad under the stone to go forward. It's hard to take a full image of this hanging stone, but I tell you, it is cool!

Some more camwhoring moments

This puppy was spotted when we were waiting for the others to return to the bus. Super kiut!

We leave this place at about 8pm, and spent another 2 hours to reach our hotel, 经贸宾馆.

This hotel is really worth for our trip cost. Huge and cozy rooms with large bathroom! Too bad, the two-person rooms are provided for the couples, so I have to share rooms with other tourists. =(

This time, the hotel's location is superbly strategic! In front of it is a pasar malam! Shiok neh~

Our supper! Wakakkaka!

On our way back, we spotted a fluffy camel stood beside the road.


The owner told us: 骑一下五块;拍照三块;摸一下不用钱 (Ride awhile, RMB5; Take photo, RMB3; Touch, FREE!) 哈哈. Of course we didn't ride lah, we just touched.

The end of Day 2


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