3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang Day 3

We departed a little earlier today, 7am.

Xiao Zhang warned us about the under-developed situation in this area that she asked us to eat less food in the bus.

This would be a very horrible experience for me. My stomach didn't feel so well this day, and I wanted to pee frequently. The bus stopped few times for the WC moments, but the condition of the toilet annoyed me A LOT.

I think China government saves up a lot of money in building toilets. Most of the toilets are not only doorless, some even 'wall-less'!

I'll pass the imagination thingy for you to imagine it yourselves:

Just imagine:
better condition ones: a space, a slightly higher platform, and few walls to divide the space, a hole is dug on the platform, under the hole is ground. Everything came out from your lower waist part falls down directly to the ground. Not to mention the piled up shit and tissue and other things on the ground under the hole.
worst condition: Same as above, the differences is without wall, and if the person squatting beside you is huge, her shoulder will touch yours.


I was 'forced' to go to the worst condition ones as I was in urgent mode. If not, beat me to death also I won't go! Argh can someone please help me erase that moment of my life? I want to forget that!

One of the toll we passed by

7 hours later, we arrived at our last 'check point': 金沙滩 Golden sand.

It is actually one part of the 博斯腾湖 Bosten Lake. The sand and the water don't mix up, forming a beach-alike place, and the shinning sun transforms the sand into golden color, that's how the name is given.

For us who really likely to see beaches frequently, this place cannot satisfy us at all. No beach wind, no sea water, no wave, nothing like beaches at all except the sandy area. Haih disappointed. However, it's a 'gift' to Xinjiang people. As Xinjiang is a city which has longest distance from sea in the world, this place is good enough for them to feel the 'beach'.

So, instead of letting ourselves down, I found some entertainment.

This group of guys were catching fishes! Yes there is fishes in the water! Not only the small ones, but big ones too!

After hanging around for an hour, we headed back to Urumqi.

We reached Urumqi at about 10pm.

Believe it or not, this photo is taken at 9pm

The end of Day 3

Conclusion: Spent >30 hours on the bus, <10>


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