Compliment to Nice People

This post is inspired by a bank staff called 任筱妍 and the bank's Duty Manager (I didn't get her name) who make me so happy and delighted in a foreign land.

I would like to give my compliment to fellow customer service staffs all around the world =)

I worked as a customer service before. I used to have a very good memory, I remembered most of my customers, even the ones who dropped by to replace a battery only. I used to remember their surname, their Polar HRM model, the previous problem of their HRM etc without looking at the files and documents. Some of them, I could recognize their voice on the phone already. This actually made some of my customers surprise and excited.

However, there's a problem too. I like to pay attention at how a person serve their customers, so I became slightly sensitive when someone is serving me. Honestly, most of them annoyed me. =.=

This morning, I went to China Construction Bank to activate the online banking service. It's my second visit there, last time was 2 months ago. The bank is just in front of my school, about 2-3 minutes walking distance, but the cloudy and mild rain weather made this short journey an unpleasant one.

The Duty Manager's service is a good one! Thumbs up! There's an uncle at her desk for some online banking thingy, but she didn't take me for granted either. She handed me the form to fill in, point to me where the pen and table is, gently asked for my passport and stuffs, just good! She helped me to take the number too~ Unlike some staffs in Malaysia I've encountered who are so ignorant, rude and with that 'Choi lei dou soh' look. Chez~

It was a slow morning. When it was my turn, the bank staff is the same one who handled my Banking card application during my first visit, and she still remembers me! Hehe! What surprise me more is that she still remembers I complaint about the cold winter weather last time, she asked:"So now isn't so cold already, is it?" Her smile is so sweet it melts my heart. ^^ Encountering this kind of experience in a foreign country is warming yet sweet. Last time, I remembered people. Now, someone remembers me! The feeling is so good!

To all the customer service personnels out there, I love you! ^^


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