3D2N Trip to South Xinjiang: Conclusion

1. 3 days 2 nights trip to South Xinjiang is not recommended. This trip involves about 1800km of journey, which means we spent more time on the bus than visiting the places.

2. South Xinjiang's weather is drier than Urumqi. I forgot to bring my lip balm during the trip, the lip was really really dry, until some skin was dried up and mengelupas, luckily it didn't bleed or watsoever. Some tourists who on the same bus with us had bleeding nose too.

3. Xinjiang people is really geng in bringing junk food on the bus. I notice that half of the tourists didn't bring any other clothes than the one on them (You can just see lah if that person kept wearing the same clothes +.+), but the bag they brought is full of food~ Being as wuliao as I and Ju do, we notice that the 4 friends sitting beside us eating the following stuffs: cucumbers (A LOT of cucumbers), tomatoes (A LOT of tomatoes), vaccumed-pack food such as hotdogs, flavoured beef, flavoured lamb meat, 鸡爪 chicken legs, yogurts, snacks, milks, etc etc etc... It's ok for them lah because they don't mind to go to a doorless toilet. We don't even dare to consume much water because we just so worried about the condition ofthe toilet.

4. I wish we could spend more time in 天山大峡谷 Tian Shan Grand Canyon.


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