Lubuk Naga 龙潭 at Gunung Jerai

It started with a random weekend getaways or water dipping ideas as a so-called announcement of preparation for the study week and final exams. Then I remembered viewing Yujin's FB pictures of this nice waterfall at Gunung Jerai, thus I 'seduced' my pals to go for it and Yujin as the tour guide.

We departed at about 7.30am from Perlis. The road trip was smooth from Perlis to Alor Setar but rather congested at the Alor Setar-Gurun route as there were many lorries on the road. Finally, we arrived the foot of Gunung Jerai at about 9.15am.

^...We're here again for the second time v(^.^)v

The guys arrived earlier than us, and that poor Yujin's car's battery was dead. -____-

^...Jumper also cannot help...

While the guys were busy solving their problem, we took photographs at the signboard.

^Pose ok.

^I was trying to make the Yay Jump but Adik, the camera girl, was spoiling it -______-

^...and another spoilt yay jump. Sienness -______-

OK lah I wasn't mad at her anyway, we were having fun! XD

After several trials, the battery was certified death, so Yujin has to leave his car at the foot of the mountain. Two cars convoyed up the hill: mine and his colleagues.

Sigh, another thrilling uphill drive! However, due to the past experience, this was not my problem anyway Haha! Pretend pro awhile...

It was the usual route uphill until we reached a quiet and rather hidden corner and they parked their car by the roadside. All I could see is a cemented road led into unlimited-end forest.

I asked:"Where the hell is the waterfall??!"
Yujin:"20 minutes hiking. Haha! That's why not many people access."

I tell you, the minute I heard that answer, I was thrilled with excitement! Less people access means cleaner place + super awesome and quiet waterfall!! :)

Yes he was darn right! The 20-minute hiking includes cemented road, stone hikes and jungle hikes!

^...exhausted, and it's not even halfway yet!!

^More cemented stairs. Sigh I hate this...

^The last checkpoint: going down to the waterfall.

Adik's legs were shaking uncontrollably for no reason, and we laughed like no one's business! Sorry about that lah, but it was too funny to hold the laughter. :p

The waterfall is super awesome!!! I don't know why it is called Lubuk Naga aka 龙潭 aka Dragon Pool, neither did the tour guide, but who cares!! Dipping is more important!

The size of the waterfall + pool was rather small though...

^...yes, this is it.

....but it is really really nice! Crystal clear and super cold water, shallow water (only few deeper zones, and the deepest is about my height), non-skid stones surfaces... heaven! :) The tiring hiking route is totally worth it!

^failed attempts of Yay Jump in the water..

More pictures courtesy of Yujin:

The water was a little too cold, so we left after about 2 hours dipping. (Plus another session of tiring hiking route back and downhill drive - and I think my car's brake was not really working -____-)

Before going back to Perlis, we stopped by Alor Star Mall for some window shopping.

^Posing in front of Big mirror at GUESS

At the end of the day, all of us were satisfied and exhausted, and everyone 'passed out' the minute we arrived hostel.



z.u.r.a said…
huishhhhhhh...smpai ke gunung jerai lim n the geng b'jln.sgt enj0y tgk pic korang
z.u.r.a said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Lim Huey Nee said…
Dlm sejam setengah je zura, xde lah jauh sgt... sbb ade tour guide jgk ;) tempat tu mmg best!
Anonymous said…
hi, i'm finding information about gunung jerai.

may i know how long does it takes to go to the peak of the hill from the foothill?
*~Huey Nee~* said…
I didn't time it for the driving, sorry -__-. Anyway, if by car, I think it takes around 20 minutes to the peak (I consider the regency resort is the peak here), but the road is very steep and narrow, so careful driving is a must.

If by hiking, I didn't try out yet, so I wouldn't know...

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