The Fishes Sell by Selfish People

I was outraged.

Sometimes, it is hard to put a scale on decisions made, whether to say which side is being fair and which side is being selfish.

There's a saying in Chinese "人不为己,天诛地灭" which means every human's starting point in making up decision and mind for some issue in their life.

Yes, people can be selfish. I am selfish. That is human nature. But, would you ever think, even for one second, that your selfish can make someone's life miserable?

You want to cover your own ass, fine. But you don't use other people's hand to cover your ass, this is wrong. So wrong. You don't want people to disturb your life, you don't disturb other people's life too. If you want to say I have no regard and respects on the elderly, so be it. You don't earn my respect. Nuff said.

I didn't specifically or particularly say who this post is 'dedicated to.Who eat the chili feel the spice loh


luqman hafifi said…
sellfish is ok..when they not 'ganggu' hidup orang lain

sellfish which use other people for their own sake is really the h***
Anonymous said…
aaiiyak.. so spicy....

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