Maxis Broadband Overview (Updated)

Nothing is 100% perfect. Really. The highest percentage can be given to anything in this world can reach until 99.9292923747894082% only. Therefore, I would like to amend some statements I've made in my previous post about Maxis BB.

Well, like I said, nothing is perfect. Up until I wrote that particular overview about the BB, it worked awesomely good. It didn't disconnected out of sudden, it didn't slow down, it opened every single websites, and, it was able to do the e**le downloading thing (without me knowing though because out of sudden, it successfully dl-ed 2-3 episodes of 'The Mentalist' and the movie 'Horton hears a Who').

1-2 weeks after I wrote that overview, it started to show some symptoms to say that 'it is not that awesome anyway'. It became slow, sometimes it took a long time to load a website (some ordinary website only nuh) which sometimes would end up 'failed to open because takes too long to loading', sometimes it was unable to get connected, then there was one or two times that it disconnected by itself that eventually pissed me off!

The slow connection, claimed by my housemate, is because of the weather. Something to do with the sign that 'it's going to rain soon, therefore it gets slow'. Yup, my eyebrows were raised and crowd together to show uncertainty and confused.

Sometimes, the connection was so so slow, that I would rather online using the hostel's server than the BB itself. It trained me to be a good girl again too because the hostel's server block everything fun. -____-

Lately, maybe due to the near date of trial period (my dad subscribed it for the free-for-four-months), it gets even hair-wired-er. It takes ages to open my blog, another ages to open my friends' blog, another ages to load facebook, another ages to comment on friend's blog, another ages for loading Country Story. I simply had enough.

The moral of the story: Don't compliment too much or overrate, it will disappoint.


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