If you are in bad mood, SWIM!

Emo vanished for now. Let's pray it will last longer.

Yesterday, I went swimming to clear my head and brain and mind and soul and whatsoever that bothers me.

For me, swimming is always a great way to rearrange messed-up stuffs inside me, mentally, physically and emotionally, something like defragment files on my gazillion neurons brain. It's a good sport too, since I haven't exercise at all lately, and since I haven't master the skill of correct breathing while jogging.

It ended up well, with my head lighter, my mind clearer, my soul serene-er, and my skin darker. -____- darn the weather!

Something I dislike about public swimming pool is that, it's public. It's not like swimming pools in condominiums or apartments that we can 'unintentionally' own the whole pool by ourselves, in one condition which is not disturbing other users too. However, public means no one cares about the swimmers (or, I should say, water-dipper-for-fun), as long as they wear appropriate suits, cap, and don't drown.

Yesterday, there's some function or event at the stadium, and the parking was quite full. There's a bunch of schoolboys gathered in front and around the pool, and I knew immediately it won't be good.

And yes I was darn right! The kids were making so much noises and messing around in the pool. You think that was normal? The frustrated part was, they were blocking my way ALL THE TIME. I wanted to complete the full lap but they just not-sure-whether-intentionally-or-not blocked my way! Then somemore stared at me like I'm so repulsive. -_____-

Anyway, I'm going for another round of swimming today. Wanna join me? (I don't think there's any one interested because I'm jin gao hiam)


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