The Comparison

The topup course has almost come to an end. Time really flies, and there goes another month of the year.

No doubt lecturers have their own favourite student (Don't quote me please), and students tend to have their favourite lecturer(s) too. For this reason, I tend to do comparison among them.

Ever since this short semester started, we met with our former lecturers again. Some, they have experience teaching us before; For some, we are their first lecture. The former, some is getting much much better than before, and some remains the same; The latter, some is as good as the other 'good' lecturers, some is neutrally good.

I'm in the crossroad once again, dilemma and uncertainty, just like what I was in three years ago when I was making my decision to leave the company and to continue study. Last time, it was so darn easy, and I envy the previous 'me' who don't have to think about so many things, yet.

I have four roads now:

1. It's the extension of the path I am on right now. Taking a car ride, leading towards more knowledge yet no salary increment for the qualification.

2. The same car ride but more-or-less different direction, leading to the unknown.

3. It's the same category of (1), but it's a bumpy countryside road, and I have to walk. To promise a bright future, hard 'walk' for the first year is necessary, and it can lead to a bright destination.

4. Continue digging around classifieds Ads in newspaper and job-hunt websites.

Each path has its pros and cons, but the crucial point: "No one knows what will happen in the future". I have a friend laughed at me as I don't know how to gather and filter information as the matter of fact that I am old enough to suppose to know to do so. -_-

What to do? My brain loves to process every single bits it received. GAH!

Should ask for God's opinion I think? Hmmm...


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