My Water Moments

I have to admit, I am always a big fan of water, be it pond, lake, river, sea, ocean, waterfall and so forth, especially the thrills of certain jungle-trekking distance to reach an awesomely isolated waterfall, it will be like giving me the ecstasy of life.

Early this year, I went to Langkawi with my friends. The sereneness of the sea water with boats, yachts and sailing boats wandering around the ocean simply adores me.

Hooping onto a mini ferry, off we went to Payar Island, about 1 hour 'sea' journey from Kuah town.

The oceanic scenery here was even jaw-dropping. I couldn't wait any longer to jump into the clear blue water to swim with fishes!

After putting on all the gears, off I went for snokelling. That was in fact my first snokeling experience, and I loved it instantly! The exotic fishes, the special looking corals, I even had my first touch on a living sea cucumber! (FYI, they look like feces laying on the ocean bed. Haha!)

After 'wandering' around, I started a mission: stalking and following some unique-looking fishes, like baby sharks, nemo and so on. It was fun!

I was so excited of seeing all these things, I eagerly wanted to drag one of my friends who was not dare to join us at a deeper part of the water as she doesn't know how to swim. So all she could do for me was snapping my pictures....

^...floating on the water like sea turtle

^...and normal pose.

Anyway, these pictures never really capture what I actually saw! The best the limited-function and non-water-proof camera can serve me was snapping pictures from above.

^Yes! This much of fishes!

One of my thrilling 'activities' was following the mini-sized sharks. They are cool, they swim very fast, and they look cute!

My friend (who didn't dare to snokel) said the pictures of the fish were good enough, but no. Hell no. If I ever own a water-proof camera, she will definitely regret of not following us for the fun!

If I can ever own Sony DSC-TX5, I can finally take some super awesome underwater pictures like.....


^...and this!
pictures courtesy of Google

Panaromic shots are always a challenge, especially underwater! With the easy 'camera sweeping' technique, taking a panaromic shots underwater can never be any easier! Plus, the Anti-motion Blur mode will be the best choice to use in low-light environment such as underwater, with the fishes swimming around!

With a water-proof camera, I can plan for more Island tours and get myself wet already!! =)

Come to mama, babeh!


tino said…
canon ma wu 1 le water proof...gaso kak chun
*~Huey Nee~* said…
zhe leh si cam gah nuffnang contest a... 'pok yat pou' nia
su comil said…
Love this entry very much!!.

I remember my first time snorkeling too.. hehe.. saw a landak laut. Immediately transform and become my boyfriend. So adorable. Specially the spike. Look like naruto but in Negro version. coz' Landak laut was so blacky. Make him so handsome ma.. Hahhahaa... love love!!

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