Cousin Chun Gor's Wedding

My cousin, Tan Wei Chun, or we call him Chun Gor, was married on the first weekend of June.

It was initially a predetermined and confirmed plan (on my side), after finished everything in the Uni, going back, plans for the following weeks and month while waiting for the final semester result and the reply of the Master's applications to come out. Then, suddenly, the topup course issue surfaced. So the plan was partially jammed. Luckily, I insisted on going back too. Haha. Anyway, back to the story.

The '出门' was on Friday morning. We were told to be at the grandpa's place at 7am, and luckily we didn't, because the 新娘车 would only depart at 10am. Bloody....

^Us in front of the room



It was quite a chaos at our place. Too many people with too many 'their own' rules and regulations and traditions really didn't help much in this kind of situation at all. Headache. Even me, the innocent not-so-related-and-definitely-not-VIP person also could get a chance to drown under the sea of words. All I could hear was:"Blaaaaaaaaaah blah blah blah blaaah blah blaah blah NAH!! REMEMBER!!"

The bride was at Grand Riverview Hotel, waiting for us. Although we brought a huge gang of hengdai, the jimuis were not to be messed up with too. So, they had their games played.

^....And the boys were having their hard time.

Finally, the obstacle was cleared and the couple reunited.

^Sweet couple

This followed by tea ceremony on the bride's side. There was some speechless incidents happened, but granted. It's happy day what...

After the tea ceremony and some refreshments at the cafe, we headed back to the groom's place.

^At my grannies' home

I think it could because of the lack of '大件事' or BIG events like wedding going on in the house, it was quite a chaos, plus the mouthsss, it's quite a nightmare. The newly wed were withstanding all of these with bliss, us on the other hand.......

Finally, after the long period of 拜拜 and tea ceremony, all done for the daytime!

^In their room

However, on our side, we were rushing like cows to the hair saloon and makeup place. Sigh, the circumstances of 'dressing up properly' hah...

The wedding dinner was held at Renaissance Hotel.

Since we were the tech girls that night, we hardly eaten anything.

^Yam Seng session

^The bride's family

^The groom's family

^Our family (speechless of the messy background)

^六仙女 少一个

At the end of the day, everyone was happy (hope so).

My best wishes to the couple :)

Really love the hweiling of this picture!
Thumbs up to Tino Lim

P/S: Some funny-but-not-funny thing going on too during the wedding period.

My aunt-in-law brought back one auntie from KL to 'eye' a wife for her son! YES You read it right! Speechless noh... -_____-

The thing is, the auntie 看上我. She likes me, and she thinks I'm the right person for her son (DUH!!!).

Then things get very annoying and disturbing. My aunt-in-law (famous of her kepo mouth) had been strongly recommended our family to that auntie, like 'her parents are good people', 'they are very 优雅', 'all of them in the family are well educated' blah blah blah.

They asked, for like 1263898439826 times, about my background. What am I doing now? How long do I still need to study? What to do next? Looking for a job? Where to go next? blah blah blah.

Annoyed to the max, we started to draft our own answer schemes for the question.

"Working? No lah aunty. I LOVE studying!! I will continue Master, then PhD. My aim? 10 PhD! Where to get the money to pay for the fees? My parents got mah! They have education fund for us. And they have their EPF too, and their pension, and the money they've kept for all these years. Should be enough. Getting married? Well I'm interested too. So the husband can help spare the fees too. When to start working? Hmmm let's see. 1 PhD consumes about 3-4 years. Some might be a little complicated, it needs 5. So I need about 40-50 years to complete 10 PhD. By the time I get all the 10 PhD, I'll be about 80 years old liao! Working? Can wait for time to die liao loh... 可以等死了咯..."


The End


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the wedding cake is nice! =)

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