The Irony

I'm back to this old place which I've been spending my three precious years here, thanks to the stupid topup course.

It's quite irony, because about two weeks before I came back here, I bid farewell to the lecturers I met like there's no tomorrow, like we will not going to see each other for a long long time.

Time flies by without acknowledging us at all. Three years. Three bloody years.

Last year, same day, I was in Urumqi after spending 6 days with my parents in Shenzhen and Guangzhou. Now, I'm stuck here.

Within two weeks, I've been having so much great impacts, I almost fell into the anxiety attack again. Thankfully, I'm still OK, thanks to friends, family and lecturers. They made me feel much better about myself although I cried anyway.

I was super unsatisfied with my results, especially final year project. After all the blood-smearing and tears-flooding process, everything the panels saw in the reports was just 'a pile of crap, bullshit and rubbish'.
Ok lah maybe they were not being so mean and harsh, but, from the way they 'interviewed' us during viva etc, hell yeah their attitude showed us that.

Some other things sneaked into my life too. Problems with people, time, jobs, class, lecturers, this and that, all of this made me super emo. I think this is the first time I've ever heard someone told me that

'You look sad';
'Your eyes are sad';
'You don't look like the sassy and mischievous girl whom I knew a year ago anymore, you look completely different'

... ... ...

Weirdest thing in the world? You bet.

Anyway, after some screaming to dear friends poor them and crying in front of the supervisor seriously, I hope the good day can come sooner. I've been too emo and sad lah lately~~~ However, the feeling of 'someone is concern' touches me, touches my heart. =)

And, some good news to share!


Now, which one should I go for? Hmm...


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