OH! Forgot to mention in the previous post, Xin Jiang is the largest state in China, located in the west side of China.


If you are a huge eater in Malaysia, in Urumqi, Xin Jiang, China, you will definitely surrender. At least I am.

Even, according to the China people, the northern side people eats much much more than the southern side's. On our first meal in Urumqi, I was srsly shocked because of the portion. And I was so depressed I couldn't finish my part (the depressed part was fake lol...)

Anyway, you can find alot of good food in Urumqi! Some might turn out to be a little weird, or not nice that I cannot really accept it. You might find these pictures in my Facebook, here, I'll slowly introduce one by one (to make things look more 多余 Haha!).

First of all, the introduction. Xin Jiang province and/or Urumqi city can consider as a Muslim city, where you can find many Muslim people here. So, on our first trip going around Urumqi, our new friend aka tour guide 刘靖 asked us whether we are Muslim or not. According to her, almost everyone will ask first before bringing the particular person to the appropriate place to eat. Just like us in Malaysia, to choose a 'Halal' restaurant vice versa. Here, the term 'Halal' is called Qing Zhen (清真). They have a label for that too, for the food and the restaurant. Until today, I think most of the food I ate is 清真.

1. 大盘鸡 Big Plate Chicken

This can be considered as one of Xin Jiang's famous Qing Zhen local cuisine.

The name says it all. Look at the size of the plate and the dishes! Btw, that one was the medium size. This dishes is about one whole full plate of chicken meats with potatos.

Along with that, 刘靖 ordered a soup 一品菌汤.

It is a type of soup that you can find various types of mushrooms inside that one bowl, and you can't get enough of it! Nais~

2. 烤肉串 Daging panggang ala Satay

It is like satay, but the meat is definitely much more than the one in Malaysia. This is a lamb satay.

3. 拌面 alike Mee Bandung

This is the type of food that I quite scared right now. Not because its taste not nice, but the portion frightens me. The mee they used is something like the Udon mee, which is bigger than the normal yellow mee, almost like our hokkien mee.

4. 凉粉 Cold dishes

This is another type of local cuisine that I can't really accept it so far yet. As the name said, it is a 'cold' type of dishes. It tastes like a cold tasteless cincau, and plus the spicy sauces? Nah~

5. 珍珠奶茶 Pearl Milk Tea

You can actually find pearl milk tea selling here too! But sure you curious about that:"How come a place this cold can sell a drink that cold too?" Well, I thought of that too at first.

Nah~ Wrong. The drink is actually 'HOT'. Not boiling hot, but warming hot. If to compare the taste, sure the Malaysia's style is much better, but, I'm not rejecting the taste here either =)

Besides that, you can find cincau here too!

It is called 烧凉粉 cooked cincau. Yes, this is a hot drink again, and to worsen the situation, they put red bean, green bean, and many types of jellies into this drink, so it was.... +.+

6. 豆腐脑 Taufufah XinJiang's style

Although the pictures might not be so convincing, but I like this! It is something like our taufu fah, but the difference is that this is 'HOT', and it is a drink, not a desert. The soup is salty (like soup), and the toufu oh-my-goodness-I-tell-you is so silky and soft! Muah! The two pictures above are two different 豆腐脑 in two different shops.

7. 炒米粉 BeeHoon goreng

Yes! This is the fried Beehoon in Xin Jiang! I felt like so 'cheated' when the food was served. Haha! Not only the food is totally different from what I've imagine, the portion is meng-geli-kan too!

8. 大馄饨 BIG Wantan

As the name said, the wantanS are BIG!!!! Hahahahha! So satisfied neh~ On the day when we were enjoying this BIG wantan, Jasmine called me. I felt I was 敷衍-ing her that time, I felt so sorry now. *finger crossed* Blek~ Anyway girl, paiseh oh~ But it is nais leh~~!!

9. 豆腐干/铁板豆腐 Hot Plate Toufu

Xin Jiang has a lot of road side food stalls, especially in front of our school!!!

I give an example of one of the food sold there, satay toufu.

This toufu is cooked and heated up on a silver plate, then the boss will stick 5-6 toufu on one stick just like satay. The taste is a little spicy, and the toufu is nais~~

10. 包子馕 Roti canai/Naan

One of the most popular food you can see in Urumqi is Naan. It is that big scale roti with nothing on it at all. The taste is plain and tasteless, unlike our roti canai. It is so big and plain, I cannot even finish it. Argh! After this 'painful' experience, we learnt that we can actually took this Naan to a stall selling 烤麦肠 Hot Dog, to ask them to mix this naan with their spicy sauce and hotdog.


There's another bizarre feature about the food here. *THE PORTION*

Please look at the two pictures above. I'm not sure whether this angle can clearly describe how big the portion is for each food anot, but I can tell you, it is REALLY very big portion. The finished one cannot be described further. Take a look at the fried rice and the mee. The one in the plate and the 'big' bowl are actually a portion of food for ONE person. It is almost equivalent to 2-3 person's portion in Malaysia. Scary huh?

This size of portion actually help us to save our money in food. One plate of 抓饭 fried rice is about RMB 7 and the mee is about the same. So, we just need to order two dishes, 4 person share, and RMB 14 divided into 4, and divided into 2 again in RM currency. Tada~ cheap~~


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