Nightmarket Manners

Visiting the nightmarket is kind of my weekly routine thing since Degree time, thanks to the great fruit bargain (fyi I'm not really a fan of supermarket's fruits).

Anyway, nightmarket is a nightmare of huge crowd and vehicles. The older I get, the lesser interest I have in exploring the nightmarket, especially those I am over familiar with.

The mission is simple: park car - go in - buy things - get out.

However, I get pissed so often of the bad nightmarket manners the fellow goers have. It's like traffic jam in human form, and most of the times they make it hard for people walking behind them to overtake them. Good thing I can bypass one part of the crowded lane to the fruit stall, but the dinner main course and dessert are in the middle of the 'war zone', so as the nightmare.

1. Walking manners - I think you might hate it when two motorbikers ride their motor side by side on the road, same thing in nightmarket. I don't mind people walk side by side (because I am a forever-alone who goes alone!!), but you don't have to block the whole section of the already-narrow walking lane (meaning there's no place for us to overtake), especially the plus-sized ones (SORRY! I refer only to the rotten eggs in the basket!!) There's so many times when a lot of us have to walk behind two plus-size while in front of them is a complete empty space!

2. Children - They are pain-in-the-butt for so many reasons when it comes to nightmarket. You don't ask them what do they want to eat in a nightmarket, they would want EVERYTHING! Children is so not suitable for this kind of situation, especially those hard-to-control ones.

Worst part is, when it rains.

I don't mind getting myself wet since I usually go after my belly dance class, rain is nothing compares to the full body smelly sweat, but...

3. Umbrella - those who ever been to a crowded temple would know to hold their joss sticks high up so they won't poke the hot burning sticks into someone else. Same thing applies to umbrella. Some people just don't realize how miserable they have caused to other people.
- They hold the super huge extra inch umbrella like they are holding a tiny stick;
- they hold it too low that the edges poke someone's head, face, eyes, the stalls etc;
- they don't know how to 'give way';
- they want to bring their children along despite the bad weather (refer to no.2), which they would require an umbrella to protect their children from the rain.

Sigh... This happened last Wednesday, which literally pissed me off so badly, as it seemed a lot of people were carrying their super huge umbrellas and being selfish. A bunch of boys walking behind me was grumbling about this, and I looked back to show agreement, but I think I gave them a glare, so they kinda backed off from me. Sorry dude~

Why can't people be more considerate and less selfish? :/


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