Dogs Whisperer

The house is so freaking silence since all the dogs were gone :(

One of the things I love most about coming back home is the Astro B-yond.

The HD features are so-so (because of the limited setting of the TV, making HD is not so HD), while I love the recording function the most.

Back to the topic...

National Geographic aka NatGeo is my all time favourite (despite the fact that I watch only few specific content: Dogs whisperer, air crash investigation, Mythbuster etc)

Recently, my most favourite/watched NatGeo series would be 'Dogs Whisperer'.

It is so interesting, even my parents are lured in watching the show with me, and they love the command 'tsst'.

From wiki: Dogs Whisperer is a reality TV series that follows Caesar Millan as he works in the field of dog rehabilitation.

Every episode, it features different characteristics or bad behaviors of the dogs that making everyone's life miserable; then Caesar Millan comes to rescue.

His philosophy is to train the owner to become a 'pack leader' in order to take control of their dogs. The rule is, treat your dog as your dog, not your kid.

Some episodes have a very interesting cases like super aggressive dog who attacks the owner; depressed dog who whines and cries every time the owner leave the apartment; dog's hyper obsession with swimming pool; couple takes turn to pet the dog in the night so the dog will not make noises... ...

Watching how the owner treat the pet, how the pet behave, and how Caesar fixes everything, are fun. Mom's comment: most of the owner treats their pet as their kid instead of an animal.

The show do make us realize few of the nasty behavior our previous dogs picked up and we wanted to try the trick, too bad the show is few months too late.

I'm getting sleepy, so may I just say: It is a great show!!


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