Facebook and Parents

I don't have issue about parents having FB accounts, particularly both my parents have an account (which my dad controls both accounts' activities... -_- IT Geek!).

Anyway, something kinda creeps me about parents and FB.


My landlady's friend, who I quite fond with, wanted to borrow my laptop and internet to go in facebook. I was a little surprised since I heard them say they know nothing about computers and internet, but I still gave my offer, what's the harm right?

After setting up the modem, connection and stuff, I took a few steps back to see what's the aunties are up to, and if they need some assistance of course.

Well, I must say I was amazed to see the aunty was familiar with the whole where-to-click, searching-mutual-friends stuffs (she does not have an account though, it's her son's), she clicked an account and started to view the photos and discussing with my landlady.

It's a boy's account, late teens or early twenties, not bad looking and definitely overwhelmed with 'seafood' smell. She browsed through the album and when it showed a picture of a couple, she said:

"Haha, him and my daughter. They took the picture with phone camera, that's why it's blurry. 人家都说他们有夫妻相。很像hor?"


She's talking to my landlady though.

When it showed a picture of that boy, without a shirt on,




That's when I was totally defeated and excused myself to go take a bath.


Seriously? 'Stalking' your daughter's boyfriend's FB account? Although I don't think the boy will be mind of all these, but it still freaks me up a little.

I wouldn't mind my parents checking on my friends' or my future boyfriend's FB account since they will never do anything harsh on them, but sharing with their friends? I just don't think so...


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