Thunder + Rain in the Middle of the Night

I had a headache for three days now, I get tired and sleepy and uncomfortable no matter how enough my sleep (8 hours as standard) is, how cold I am (being in a 20 degree room, away from the heat wave outside), and how much rest I take.

I blame the sleeping quality even though I slept over 8 hours daily, but I sleep through the night tightly, so that's not the case.

Last night, I hit the bed at 11pm when the headache struck again, even Glee couldn't stop me from feeling sleepy from the headache. It was a hot day and hot night, the fan was at the maximum blast.

When I was running around some relative's huge mansion to search for my room in my dream, suddenly some flashing woke me up and I thought it was morning already, following with a very loud thunder. I grumbled, saying '酱快就天亮了咩' while reaching for the alarm clock, and it's 2.14AM!

Then the series of loud thunders (I mean very very loud, like maximum volume!!) and flashing lightning went on and on, along with huge cats and dogs rain.

Tossing and turning to find the best position to sleep while covering my ears from the loud thunder and covering my eyes from the flashing, I went back into the dream when I finally searched the room, had breakfast and went to a seafood dinner while caught in the middle of the Bersih rally! How odd is that...

Thanks to the rain too, it cleanses the haze and cool down the hot air, and it brings along some dark, thick clouds to shade the sun today. Feels so good. :)

P/S: Now that I think about it, since few months back, I started to had a migraine/headache few days before my menstrual period. So I call it a 'pre-menstrual headache'. Weird, people has stomachache, I get headache!


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