It's Getting Hot In Herre

The super hot sunny weather has come back!! When I drove back to Perlis last Monday, the 5pm sun was like a 2pm sun, high up the sky and super hot! I almost melt...

I overreacted when my application for MyBrain15 scholarship was unsuccessful during the first phase. So now the screen showed the huge 'TAHNIAH', Cheshire Cat grin appears~

^Got it finally!! Hehehehhehe....
picture courtesy of tvtropes

Today was the settling-the-documents-and-stuff day:
1. clinic for medical checkup;
2. Jabatan Bendahari to submit the scholarship offer letter;
3. Bank Islam to open a new account;
4. Bus station to buy bus ticket (going back KB on weekend to settle some more stuff...)

The day was hot, as usual. I hardly drank any water when going around the town. The clinic was full house! Submitted the offer letter (first time being hold back by the security guard!), walking to Bank Islam.
Since it was already middle of the day and a lot of traffic, despite the hot weather, I decided to walk rather than drive a mere 300m of road and frustrated for a single parking lot.

I took cover with a pair of umbrella without the UV shield thing (the silver layer thing on the umbrella), I could still feel the heat from the sun. Coming home with a headache, took a nap which lasted longer than I expected, woke up with a more unbearable headache -_-


I still feel so proud of not getting sick for a year, now this. Good for you!! Took a day off to rest at home, skipped dance class too. Sigh~

Aunty landlady kept reminding me to take panadol for this. So much like my mom~~


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