The Chronicles of M&M: Progress

Some updates, perhaps?

Mojo has been with me for almost two months now, and *touch wood* so far so good. He eats well, drinks well, poops well, and plays well. He doesn't 'hop' on his big bro as much as he used to be, but he does popcorns and runs around a lot - a sign that he's happy - and that relieves me.

One thing is certain about this fellow - he drinks a lot. Every now and then I would hear the 'clak clak clak' sound from the drinking bottle, and there little Mojo is, drinking the water. 9 out of 10 times would be him drinking and not his big bro, and every time he drinks, he drinks a lot (judging from the number of 'clak clak clak' he slurping from the bottle). At first I thought the water is not into his mouth that he needs to push the gauge more to get more water out of it, but checking on the mat below the bottle, nah~ this fellow loves drinking.

Yeah I love exposing myself! So what!?
Another cute feature about him is, the black and white front leg of his. Often times I can see him stretching his front leg forward when he lays down, and that is totally cute! I never manage to take that because he is still easily freaked with sounds and immediately in his alert pose. Sien~~ OH and that combination of white head black eyes pink nose pink mouth is another cute feature of his, and that makes his cuteness FTW again against Manny's cuteness.

And, for the first time in one month, he can finally lay himself down while I clean his cage, right in front of me!! He would never do that whenever he's not in hide out, always stay upright and alert. So the moment he lays down, my heart melts lo!!

Unfortunately, he catches a bad habit from his bro. He has become picky in food. During the first few weeks, I was over the moon when they finished all the kangkung, bayam and those CHEAP veggie. few weeks later, they started to be picky and eat only those 'delicious' and not-so-easily-available veggie like lettuce (various type - buttercup, chinese, etc), parsley, and so forth. -_-

Manny is still the same-old stubborn fellow, and now joining force with Mojo, he screams louder and struggles harder nowadays when I carry him out of cage. His weight maintains the same, 930-ish. He still eats well, picky as well, drinks well, poops well, sleeps well. Since the new boy's arrival, I don't see much of Manny popcorning and running, but when it does, it usually is two boys play chasing or me disturbing.

Wanna sleep don't kacau!!
Manny has a bad habit of his own too: 'digging' around the bedding. As I use old torn unused T-shirts as their cage base, I often see Manny trying to get 'under' the shirts when there is a narrow opening between the shirt and newspaper beneath it. Luckily and touch wood again Mojo doesn't pick that up from the bro.

Once in a while, the two boys would fight with each other, such as times when they eat and in the temporary cage while I clean their mansion. It's nothing big, just some mouth pushing and some sounds. Other than that, I can say they stay peacefully together.

OH another bad habit of them is that, I recently purchase a new pellet, Genesis Guinea Pig, for them. It's cheaper than Burgess Excel and almost the same price as Oxbow. At the first trial, they accepted it gleefully, finished half a bowl within one night. Anyway, on their second pellet feed, I found that they tend to 'pick' Oxbow from the mix (mix Oxbow and Genesis) and left all the Genesis, literally!! This happened for two more feeds and I had enough. Punishment? No refills until they finish the whole bowl of pellet - and that usually take one day for them to finish all since they cannot fight hunger. Serve you guys right muahahahah!

Current diet:
- Hay
- Pellet: Oxbow and Genesis
- Fresh vegetables: green veggies - depends on what I can get, usually spinach/bayam, yau mak, lettuce when shopping in Kangar; other type of lettuce and parsley when shopping at Alor Star;
Morning - green veggie + bell pepper aka capsicum;
Evening - different green veggie + tomato;
- Cucumber: very very rare in the feeding, once every three feed;
- Fruits: very very rare in the feeding, even the owner got no fruit to eat, much less them!

One good thing about having guinea pigs: there are so many cute little movements of them that you can never manage to grab a camera/phone in split second to capture it without freaking them out, like when they yawn, they stretch their body, how Mojo's ears twitch on the camera shutter sound  etc etc... Cuteness overload!


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