A Post of Solemnity (1) - GE13 and why the rage


... I voted twice.

I did my part in the morning. For some unknown reason, I remained at SK Padang Garong, same place as the previous election, but the other LIM sisters were at some other school at Lundang area. While the parents argued about the exact location of the school and dad fetched them, I went to my location myself by motor.

I was pretty nervous and felt very lonely when I got there. I queued up lonely to check my saluran, even told off an uncle who wanted to check for himself or his friend. My saluran was at the most end of the school. While all the other salurans were so full of people, mine was empty! The whole process took my less than ten minutes. WhatsApp-ed the sisters and bf, and off I went to cruise around town.

At the afternoon, mom decided to took grandma to vote. Her location was at Chetok, about 45 minutes driving distance from the town. As compared to the town's election atmosphere, the village was indeed more serene and chaos-free. Since grandma can hardly see, one would represent her eyes and hand to vote. Mom was initially the 'representative', but she and Tino left their ICs in the car, so I stepped forward. To 'represent' the disabled, all you need to do is hand over your IC, let the agent incharge to take down your info, and you can vote. That area's candidates were Ibrahim Ali as an independent (THE Ultra-Malay PERKASA founder) and Nik Muhammad Abduh as PAS. I made a right choice on grandma's behalf :)

Later that night, dad and I fetched both sisters to the bus station, and when I was at home, I glued myself on the chair, in front of the TV and laptop to catch up with the latest updates. An hour gone and I gave up on the TV updates because the results were slow and obviously biased. Everything on FB was way faster, and, devastating.

I have never felt so depressed and disappointed in my life, ever.

At around 2AM, a friend who is currently in the US FB messaged me, and we spluttered all out of the frustration and anger. He had been stayed up more than 24 hours, putting aside all his assignments, projects and whatnot, to follow up on the election news.

The next day, I was still so depressed I had to postpone my trip back to Perlis. Mom asked me to accompany her out for a bank business and I went reluctantly. Seeing me so depressed, she comforted me by saying: "we should be grateful as we are living in peace and harmony"; "if DAP win, who to be the next PM? There's no way LKS/LGE can be PM. Anwar? Can you sure Wan Azizah can be as graceful as Siti Hasmah? BR1M and whatnot is Najib's money, it doesn't touch your money at all, don't worry..."

OMG... and that is my mom I'm talking about.

However, I can't argue with my mom. I tend to cry before I start defend my point, or even finish my questions.

The thing that I worry about, is how many aunties and uncles out there who has the same thinking as my mother. The effect on the ones living outside a metropolitan area is in fact not hard, especially in small places like Kelantan and Perlis. I can survive a day with RM10 in my pocket and still have some changes at the end of the day. KL? Selangor?

It even more heartbreaking when I said our country seems pathetic when comparing with Singapore and Brunei, and mom was "How can you compare us with Singapore? We are so different..."

How different can we be? Malaysia is a very 'fortunate' country; we have no big natural disasters like earthquake and typhoon; we have a whole damn lot of natural resources; do you even remember Malacca was once an important commercial centre and trading port!! Yet, our currency can never be stronger than the two small countries.

For those who thank the Dear Leader Prime Minister at the same time who obtain BB1M or BR1M or some other shit stuff, how do you spend those money? How long can you sustain with a RM500? Where do you think the money come from? Do you think it is really the Dear Leader Prime Minister's own pocket money? If so, how deep do you think his pocket is, to give every qualified applicants RM500 and RM250 per person? I do know some people who uses their parents' EPF to upgrade their phones, so I don't bother talking that much to those people.

There are so much more to rage about, but since I took it a little too long to talk about this, I'll just share the interesting posts on FaceBook. They definitely write better, and get more shares than I do. Some of it were written in Malay, so sorry for those who cannot understand. Here it goes: this, this, this, this, this, this, and this.

For the BN lovers, read this
I shall translate the below two pictures:

1) Immigrants are allowed to vote - About 1 million immigrants registered under 2011 Legalization Program, giving them a right to vote as 'new bumiputra'.
2) Corrupted officials are innocent and on the loose.
3) Polices have the right to be violent to the people - according to what happened in the BERSIH assembly.
4) Registration for immigrants is legal - refer to no (1).
5) Engine is not necessary for a fighter jet - referring to the missing fighter jet engine in 2009.
6) Lizard is more dangerous than bomb - not sure about this, is it related to the "Lizard King" Anson Wong's case?
7) Cows who live in luxurious condominiums - referring to Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil's NFC cattle-breeding project.
8) Submarine that cannot submerge underwater - referring to the submarines scandal; the Ministry of Defense should learn a few tricks from the Nacro-subs to build our own submersible submarines loh~
9) Useless Unified Examination Certificate (UEC) from Chinese Independent High School - it has been a loooong debate about the government not recognize the cert for public universities entry.
10) Projects awarded without open tenders - referring to the RM2.47b TNB project, and a lot more...
11) You can get arrested wearing a yellow color tops - referring to the BERSIH rally incident
12) Violent gangster goes free after beating people - referring to also the BERSIH rally, and an incident where a group of Chinese with BN 1Malaysia T-shirt beating two brothers in a restaurant in KL.
13) Chinese Independent High School 'Mutation' - referring to the Kuantan Chinese Independent High School issue and a lot more Malaysia's education system's flaws and bias against non-Muslim schools.
14) Mineral water bottle is dangerous - not sure what does this refer to...
15) 'The' wife is very damn good in saving - referring to the Dear Leader Prime Minister's beloved wife's good saving habit to be able to buy herself a US$24.5mil diamond ring and her colorful collection of Birkin bags.
16) Rare earth processing by-products are harmless and not dangerous - referring to the Lynas issue.

Q: We are staffs at the government hospital, our salary is from the government, can we vote for PR (Pakatan Rakyat, the opposition party) instead of BN (Barisan Nasional)?
A: YES, because
1. The salary is paid by the government and NOT by the money from BN or UMNO.
2. The government salary is obtained from the taxes, Petronas, and country investment.
3. Article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia assures your fundamental right as to speak and to vote whichever party that you prefer.
4. BN-UMNO canNOT take any action against you if you vote for PR because you are protected under Article 10 of the Constitution of Malaysia.
5. You are a smart government staff and you can tell what is right from wrong.

Some statements about 'what is government'. For those who is not Malaysian and might not understand the situation, our country has been under the ruling of BN since our country's independence, for 57 years now; unlike United States where the government is central and operates under a two-party system. For this reason, people has mistaken the political party IS the 'government', and treats the other parties as opposition or rebel.

Pictures courtesy of Facebook and jomkitabaca.wordpress.com


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