The Post of Solemnity (4) - Public Security Issue and Corruption

This one, it is all about stories. Mine and my sister's.

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2007, I was working at Section 19 PJ, and I stayed with my second sister and her colleagues in SS2 PJ. On 2nd April 2007, Monday, I had my usual Monday night badminton at SRGC, and we decided to have an 'unusual' supper afterwards - unusual as we never had supper after badminton after we shifted to this court to play. So, I was back home a little later than usual.

Back then, we had a dog named Holiday. I got home, drove my car into the house, DID NOT close the gate first, instead, filling up the dog's water bowl. Suddenly a car stopped in front of the gate, a guy came down, holding a parang, intended to rob me. My mind went wild, my badminton bag along with my purse and newly-collected badminton funds around RM400 was in the car's back boot, my house was pitch dark as well as the neighbors, and I decided to... shout.

Fortunately, the thief was allegedly the first timer, he panicked, asked me to shut up while waggling his parang pointlessly at me. To physically shut me up, he kicked me on the stomach and whacked the left side of my head with the parang handle. I felt a sharp pain, pressing it with my hand, went out to look and memorize the car plate, then went in, closed the gate, saw blood on my palm, pain, shivered, kneel down and cried.

My housemates heard me screaming, which initially they thought it's a dream, hurriedly sent me to the PPUM emergency. Before that, we went to the police station to notify the polices about the details of the car and description of the man, for some forsaken hope they would send patrols to go around the area and search.

There was no injury on the head, the left ear was partially torn. I had to wait for a, if I'm not mistaken, doctor from the orthopedic department to do the stitching, because according to the nurse, "they can do better stitching than the usual doctor, so your ear would look perfect". I was told by the nurse I was the 4th or 5th robbery victims in that night alone. Saw a friend there with her friend, who her head was whacked by the helmet by the robbery.

After everything was done at around 4AM, we went back to the police station to make an official report. The police reconfirmed the car plate, and said not long after I left, a doctor came in to make a robbery report, his wallet and phone was robbed at the other side of my taman by the same guy robbing me, riding in the same car I described, and they giggled like it's an amusing daily joke.

The only thing that I lose that day, is the trust and confident of our police forces.

***   *** (2)

Forgot when, I was stopped by a police (or JPJ, forgot also) at noon while I was on motor. The officer told me my motor's headlamp was off (it is in the law that motorbike's headlight should be ON 24/7 when on the road). I was mildly shocked, checked, and confirmed the light was busted. I told the officer I did not aware of that because I did not use the bike at night (truth) and I certainly did not realize it's not on because of the super bright daylight, and I would definitely get it fixed (truth, but not me, my dad would do it).

The offcer looked 'troubled' and concerning, stating that innocent notwithstanding, I broke the law. So, I was all "OK, what to do? Just write me the summon and I shall settle it." Then the conversation goes...
"Are you sure? It gonna cost you RM300 if I write you that summon."
"I know, but, still, I break the law, right? So I deserve to be punished (LOL). Just write me the summon and I shall get going."
"...ermmm... Are you working now? Studying?"
"I'm a student. It's my semester break."
"How are you going to afford RM300? I can help you now, you know"
"Well, I break the law. So just give me the summon and I will kautim it."
"...Are you sure? I can help you..."
"Nevermind. Just give me the summon, please. I'm kinda have to go now."
"...(realizing he's not getting any penny from me) OK I will let you go this time as warning. Remember, fix the lamp."


Note: Ashamed to admit, bribery to the officers is somewhat a 'local culture or tradition' as you can get away with summons by giving them, we called 'duit kopi' coffee money, to settle the issue. Summon will not be issued, you are off the hook, the officer gets their 'coffee', and everyone is somewhat happy. I, for one, never give bribes, ever.

***   *** (3)

The SS2 rented house was a target of burglary of several times. I don't remember a 'successful' break in, but a lot, I mean A LOT, of attempted break in was taken place. The worst case, was the burglar intended to break the lock by melting the lock holder using the welding tool thingy, he failed as a housemate was at home and alerted of the noise, but the gate was partially broken.

November 2012, my sisters' rented house at Danau Kota was broken in. Laptop, camera and some foreign currencies were stolen. When they went to make a police report, the police told them their case was considered mild case as it was 'ONLY' cost around RM5k of damage; If it costs around ten thousands above of damage only they will pursue an investigation on it.

This was the actual quote from the police:"Everyone can buy a car, but not everyone can buy BMW."
- meaning, "OH I'm sorry that your Proton Wira was stolen, but we have a missing Bugatti Veyron to investigate here, so why don't you sit at the corner there with few dozen other car owners whose their Protons and Peroduas were stolen, hug each other and mourn of your loss"

***   *** (4)

A friend's motorbike (forgot what model) was stolen at the parking area in university compound right next to the security guard booth. When he was questioned, the most stupid question was:"Are you sure that is the motorbike you came with? Maybe you came with other bike and confuse it with your bike..."

***   ***

My cousin who has been staying in Singapore for a long time, said despite he has to pay expensive taxes, he feels very safe living in that country.

Here? I can protect myself better than to rely on the one who should be protecting us.


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