A Post of Solemnity - Prelude

I have been holding my wrath towards the GE13; I told myself, I shall never start blogging about it until I cool myself down and keep my rage inside, and I shall never write anything political related in my blog.

Now, I change my mind. 

There are so many, SO many things that most of the people still don't understand. Therefore, I shall use my blog as a medium, to talk about this, to share this, for those who still thinks our existing 'government' is not too bad, who says we should be grateful as we live in a peaceful harmony country. My mom being one of that people.

On the way going back to Kelantan on 1st May, dad and I talked a lot about the Kelantan's status, one of the reason is to have some info for my blog, about the situation under PAS ruling.

On 5th of May, everyone was excited, particularly my younger sister Tino and I, who are totally in the 'UBAH' mood. That night (and midnight), we were devastated. I had to postpone my trip back to Perlis because I was too overwhelmed that time, I doubt I can drive long distance.

Coming back to Perlis, I found that I have lost my broadband SIM card, and I left my important notebook* back at home. The disappointment has shifted to miserable of my own absent-minded consequences. Why am I always like that one!?!?!

Anyway, be prepared for the 'boring' subjects about the general election thingy and whatnot for the next few blog posts. I do not write as good as those FB superb-level posts, but I'll try my best.


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