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As the GE13 is around the corner and debates of politics and stuffs have been flooding my FB Home walls (and I find it hard to write in the regular daily updates shit, so I just keep quiet on my wall), I find it most amusing when people, or should I say BIG people, is labeling Kelantan as the worst example of being ruled by the opposition party. I wouldn't say Kelantan is the best states in Malaysia, but it is definitely not bad!

I shared, chatted and asked around, and came to a conclusion that even 'outstation' friends around me are clueless about Kelantan and how is it like being a Kelantanese. It almost hit me as if Kelantan is North Korea where it is so secretive no one know much about it, and the propaganda that has been circulating around is absolutely ridiculous and shit-brix speechless.

Then, I thought to myself, "Hey, why not I write something about Kelantan, my hometown, the 'hell hole' to others' eyes, in my blog, so that people would know it more!" ...despite the fact that I have roughly 100 pageviews daily, not really a great influence blog I would say. A friend said I should have written this earlier, haha my bad.

So, here it goes~

P/S: All the things mentioned are based on my own statistics, verbal information gathered from my parents, the aunties/uncles, friends and whatnot. It's not a hard-copy black and white printed facts. It all comes from personal experience and point of view. If you intended to read something deliberate and stretchy, WikiPedia and Google is where you should go.
P/P/S: I do steal some info from Wiki...

*** *** *** *** *** ***

I find it hard to just write, then I find this ridiculous articles talking about negative impacts under PAS ruling (it's in Mandarin), and decided it might be easier to answer the questionable doubts.

1) No pork!?
Amusingly, this is the first and most common FAQ.
Growing up, I hardly go to the bak diam aka a wet market selling pork as mom always goes way toooo early, and she doesn't bother to drag us along. The only few times we go along with mom are during the festive day as we need to help carry stuff. The porky market has been on the same spot for over, I suppose, half century; at an alley, surrounding a taxi station, bus station, offices, shops running by multiracial bosses. We have Chinese food courts and food stalls selling char siew rice and Bak Kut Teh.
When 'they' argue about not selling pork publicly in restaurant, it occurs to me that, doesn't that happen nationwide? Dude, since when you see someone selling pork at a Halal restaurant? If you want to eat Bak Kut Teh, you would find a non-Halal restaurant to satisfy your taste bud, no? Same applies on us lah~
Mind you, we do have a non-Halal section in the supermarket, selling tin/can products. Well, you don't see pork hanging in the KL's supermarket, right?

2) No alcohol!?
This is partially true, you just have to find the right place. Frankly, I never been to any pubs in KB, but I do know they do sell alcohol drinks. The Chinese restaurants, yes they serve alcohols; Wedding dinners, yes they serve alcohols.

3) Separate counters for male and female
It happened yearsss ago, people did complain, and people didn't bother it anymore months after it was enforced.

Few facts:
4) No, we do not have a cinema here. Rumor has it there will be one in KB Mall :)

5) No, we do not have TOTO 4D etc premises in KB, but those who want to buy, they always find their way.

6) The development in KB is indeed slow, because the lands blah blah dad said it might be too sensitive to talk about it publicly, so :)

7) My paternal great grandparents and grandparents -- the last of the great grandparents, the great grandmother, passed away at 90++ when I was 7 years old, and my grandmother who now is 80+++ years old -- had/has been in the land of Kelantan all their lives. If you say about Bumiputra and whatnot, don't we deserve more of it?

8) We have two Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan, one Independent Chinese High School, and countless Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan.

9) Years ago, when I was asked about how undeveloped Kelantan is, I would ask them back:"So I assume you think Sabahan and Sarawakian lives on tree, right?" ...and surprisingly, yeah, some did think so -_____- Well, us Kelantanese prefers landed property, so we live in caves!!

10) ... ... ...

The more I write, the more I realize, "Nah, does anyone actually care?" All you have to do is, come and see for yourself! I'm happy to be Kelantanese, and I'm proud to be one :)


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