The Chronicle of Creative Zen Micro - 2

Finally, this baby is back!

Oh yeah... After the surgery, I actually didn't go and look for the CF card, instead, I sent this fella back to the C2O Corporation, the Creative service centre at Endah Parade, Sri Petaling.

The reason is simple, since I might be spending the same amount of money on the CF card 'which' might NOT be the main problem that cause that fella to fell sick, so I better pay that money to the one who can really fix the problem.

I went to CitiLink Kangar to pick up this fella, and Oh-My-Goodness the office is so.... *haunted*

After back to hostel, I tried updating firmware, transferring songs etc. JILAKAT only now that I realize the sync thingy in new WMP is the same as the ver-10, just that I need to do some settings only. JILAKAT Stoooooo000o0o0o0o0pid!!!

So now I filled up that 6Gb fella with loads and loads of songs!!!

And now I need to empty up my HDD to send to Wang Ulu to get new stocks... Haiz... Lappie also almost full ady... Need to watch all those movies liao la Adui.......

And one more thing,

*Happy Belated Birthday to Lim Ji Jer*

(I try to get you something nice for your present hah... ^^ )

Random pictar time:

^ Sometime when the lazing time comes, the dinner will be like this...


tino said…
wa cam xiong kak li ji liao...e kong e bek wua dian yua....patu wa kong lang sang blue tooth ho e...hehe

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