benefit of maintaining same number

Hoon Shien called me!!! I don't meet this fella for.... hmm.... when was the last time I see her liao hah?...

She's at KB now, makes me surprise like shit!! Why everyone is at KB when I already away from KB one de!? Adui....

Ok now, back to the topic.

I have been using the same number since Poli time, so until now, it's around 6 years edy.

For that reason, I can shoot people~ WOow shiok! Why? YOU cannot use the lame I-thought-you-might-change-your-number-ady-so-I-never-call-you-lo reason on me for not contacting me, coz I never change my number mah. ^^

Of course that's not the main reason. I just too lazy to change new number coz later need to inform the whole world again -___-"

Ok lah hungry ady, need to go take tabao. Adui raining pulak!

P/s: Friday morning got student exchange taklimat, but I have lab with SunShine leh... How??


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