The chronicle of Creative Zen Micro - The Operation

The Operation

My Creative Zen Micro is giving me problems again since the last problem it gave me end of last year. That time, the problem was a bliss as it was still under warranty (THANK GOODNESS!), they replaced 1 to 1 for me! Ahahahha!

Now it is not giving me any bliss. I wondered how I 'successfully' make it malfunction, but damn I broke the hardware. I hate using newest version of window media player to deal with micro as it's not that user-friendly than wmp10 version, so while I was frustrated trying to make everything works normal, damn it worked even worse.

Yesterday I called C2O, the company who is dealing with Creative's service support, he said it's the hardware problem and the service will cost Rm150. Damn!

So since now I know what might be the problem of my micro, I tried to do a surgery on it myself. I googled for the instruction steps to disassemble that poor thing, and I followed step by step. Amazingly, it's just like the way to disassemble a Polar HRM! The differences are micro is much more bigger and abit more complicated.

The back case and stuffs

The 'organs' - motherboard mobo

Revealing the CompactFlash Card!

Jeng3~ the 'maybe-defective' CF card

And now what I need is a rather cheaper CF card to replace and see whether it will work ok anot. Aiya where can find a cheap CF card leh?? Need to go for shopping spree at KB Mall liao...

Random pictar time:
1. A very clever idea to announce lifts' malfunction! Taken at Wisma Persekutuan Kota Bharu!

'If you want to use stairs, you must be healthy'

Yeah right Nee SKB

Anyway, the lifts are working fine.

2. The CPT opposite Perdana Hospital. I'm not a big fan of tapai, so I gave it to dad. The cendol and pulut is good~

3. The main role in this picture is the pretend-to-be-gigingongok-by-using-choki-choki teeth.


Lame is so lame adui!

4. I have finally finished reading 'The Series of Unfortunate Events'!!!! Well the end of the story is quite shocking and abit cincai anyway, but damn I love this stories! I just hope I still have the passion and patient to re-read the books in the future. -____-


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