exchange student programme

Life has been so chaotic since this semester started... Haiz~~~

Chen requested me to update blog, so I did... I didn't update for weeks liao!!! Adui....

After the movie weekend, my uni life had never gone better, that's why there's a big blank between the movie weekend and this post. I wanna watch Mummy3 lah!!!

I was selected to join the exchange student programme, the uni they'll be sending me to is University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. Sound chio izzit?


For your information, Pihak Uni will only tanggung to-fro flight ticket, passport and insurance ONLY. Other expenses when we are there, survive sendiri lar~~~ You are digalakkan apply for financial support from the 'financial helper' outside lar~~~ Pihak Uni will help you in applying for this thingy, e.g Bank Rakyat. BUT even though Uni will not support you anything else instead of the flight and passport, you have to keep good condition of Uni's name when you are there, you cannot say bad thing about Uni when you are there, you have to take good care of yourself and your reputation just in case you will memburuk-burukkan Uni's name so forth. See I start to mengarut liao...

So, from the surface, it seems to be a very good oppoturnity for us to go out from Malaysia and a very great offer from the Uni. BUT when you belek and look inside, gosh, you just can't give the 'yes' or 'no' answer on the spot.

I seek advice from few friends, and all of them have a common answer (even though some of them don't even know each other):"Peluang hanya datang sekali..." ofcoz got chinese version lar when I consulted chinese friends.

For your information again, from the statement I gave you at the paragraph above above, it means that Uni will not tanggung any of you expenses when you are there (it is originally quoted from the letter). And, I don't think Shanghai is a 生活水准低 punya bandar loh... Say only use renminbi there, say only the currency is lower than RM, like here oso use ringgit malaysia mah, but RM1000 in KL and KB and/or Kangar is a different story leh... Right?

I consulted a senior who just came back from Finland (previous batch of exchange student programme). Her story horror-ed me more. When she was there, the Uni didn't even prepare a place for them to stay. They stranded for 2-3 days, and finally settled down at a housing area called student housing (where they had to pay around 100euro per month to rent the room). BUT luckily, that batch is supported 70% of their lumsum expenses by Uni, so the other 30% sendiri gao dim. She showed me the bajet list too, where they stated Elaun Pakaian lar, elaun makanan lar, elaun penginapan lar etc etc. So it's still not THAT burden lor~

If the rumours are all true, means Uni will not support a penny! Not even food, place to stay, clothes (for those who will be going to icy places like Germany). The weird part is, Uni will arrange for taklimat for those who CONFIRM wanna go, but not a taklimat for us who is chosen and deciding whether to go anot. Adui!!! So how are we gonna expect what will happen or what is going on and let us decide ourselves!!! Expect us to go ask around and combine those pieces of puzzles and come out with a cacat picture kah!? Adui!!! STOP SAYING THAT WE ARE BUDAK BESAR AND SHOULD KNOW HOW TO MAKE OUR OWN DECISION when there is no any additional or even official statement for us to make our own decision!!! Even if you big adults wanna buy a house or buy a car or get married, you need alot of resources right so you didn't do silly mistakes that might make you regret for the rest of your lives.

Aku tak paham lar!! tak paham!!

Please forgive me for this nonsence post, coz I'm actually rushing this out to continue my safety assignment. MRI regulation ah, how to write!!!

OH! Tonight I'll have TKD grading. Blue belt, here I come!!! Wish me luck babe~


tino said…
patu hile programme tan tiuk si i ki liao la??
si UNI keng li ki a la bosi li kaki apply i ki a la? dene lo~~~

Meet Dave masi ho kua....
*Nee* said…
bo lah... wa kaki apply eh, hisi sikong uni eh hiao sponsor tampok mah... manazai bua dik pon boh :(
ki interview eh kaliao mah take dio

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