After eating fruits (eating fruits can make one's feeling become better oso de u know?), I've decided to write a new post about everything.

1. I shouldn't be blaming the Uni for the misfortunate criteria that the Uni made for us who are selected for the exchange student programme. We need to realise that how difficult it is for us to pass through the tough and strict interviews to get a place in this programme. And we shouldn't be blaming the Uni for ONLY pay for our flight ticket and passport and insurance because we need to understand that there's only a handful of students were selected in the previous batches so the Uni was afford to support them totally or 70%-ly, and now a whole-kampung of us are so fortunate to be selected, we should feel lucky enough, and not to ask money from the Uni. Shut up and get the F off~ Adui....

2. Weeks ago ah YuJin belanja me a nice dinner. AH! Not a nice one, but rather a torture one. We ordered YeeMee for me, CharKueyTeow for him, ikan bakar and Tomyam.

Yeah I know. it looks weird.

The ikan bakar is uniquely tasty. It's not like any ordinary ikan bakar which the taste is rather jialat-ly spicy or sour, but this one, I think the fish is 'treated' with orh dao iu or something like that, so it looked hangus or 烧焦 or chao hui dar. OH! Not to forget the taste is rather sweet too, but one bad thing about the sweetness is that, you'll get muak when you eat too much. So eventually both of us unable to finish up the whole fish. Aiks...

3. Nowadays our Uni buses are very patient and hardworking. Why? Because, now, the buses love to WAIT. By 'wait', it's not like the previous 'wait' like 20 or 10 or even 5 minutes then they unpatient-ly go off. Since this semester started, I have wasted lots of time in waiting. Not waiting for the bus edy like last time, is waiting the bus to start moving. The most jialat WAIT i've experienced is a 2hour+++ wait, and more jialat was I have a night class that day and the bus only willing to move at almost 7pm. Adui....

Waiting makes Nee a dull gal.
Hidayah sat behind me, giggling.

If not because of the oil price hike, beat me to death also I donwan to ride bus!!!

4. Yesterday us the girls' troupe went to Padang Besar for some shopping spree. I was unusually tired but still I followed. The girls shopped for the stuffs their family members and relatives kirim, and I was just wandering around. When it comes to food, gosh! Heaven! And I accidently burned a big hole in my wallet coz I didn't expect to spend that amount of money in the junkies!

By junkies, I mean dried sotong, fish cookies, pistachios and a nut which I forgot the name(they called it gajus)
RM44 for all these~ (the pictures show only 3-4% of the amount of the junkies)

5. At Muhibah where we always have lunch, there's one auntie who sells sweeties at her stall at the corner of the shop. She sells 黑糯米 or orh ju bi or bubur pulut hitam, cendol, 雪耳糖水, bubur kacang hijau and so on. This semester, I have become one of her loyal customers.

RM1 for eat in, RM1.50 for take away.

But sometime, because of the timing problem, I always forgot about the beverages that I've tabao-ed and when back to hostel, I had to throw it as it was already kaput. Adui...

6. Recently I am so into 神话 aka ShinHwa, the longest running boy band in Korea.

*correction* I am so into Andy Lee SunHo lar to be precise.

Talking about shinhwa, they celebrated their 10 anniversary as a boy band in 24th March 2008. The group has 6 members: Eric as the head, DongWan, MinWoo, JunJin, HyeSung and ofcoz Andy. Ever since I started to know Andy via X-man, I googled for their details. Their stories shocked me and their brotherhood amazed me. Since then, Juju, Kaka and Haha are frustrated of me being a 花痴, everything also got Andy, anything oso got Andy, "We beh tahan with you liao lar Adui....." =)

The baby is cute, but he makes everything look even beh-tahan-ly cuteness!!


Andy and Eric (photoshopped by fans)

Andy and JunJin

Andy and Eric in a show called Love Letter

Andy and DongWan

Andy and MC Mong in X man

Looking at their pictures, don't feel awkward of how extreme-friendness they are as a group or with friends. Honestly, I've never see any of a group except them who will be THAT close together. According to their own statement:"神话是家人,我们是永远不会分开的神话". And, when I looked at their hugs and kisses pictures, I didn't feel weird ler~ (because you wont feel weird when you are kissing and hugging your family member right?)

Argh... When holiday, must watch their streaming and everything liao~!!! Adui....

7. This is just to bypass 7 and matching no8 nicely with 080808. Did it for the lulz~~~

8. 080808 Beijing Olympic Opening ceremony is superbly awesome!!!!!! Double triple and lotz lotz of of ple-ness thumbs up!!! Too bad I missed the front part (the countdown part) but managed to catch up when the human LED shaped up as a pigeon. Luckily that time I was the first one at the TV room! Something about TV1's live is that they like to talk alot. Adui....


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