I got this RM3 reward from one of my Elective subject's lecturer during his Modeling class yesterday evening.

Well, I just got RM3 from him, but my wallet has too many pieces of RM1 already, and I forgot which is which. So whatsoever lah the RM4 is absolutely anonymous.

Instead of saying it is a so-called reward, I would rather refer it as a bribe. A nice one lah!

This lecturer is getting cuter and cuter semester by semester. He teaches us for about 3 semesters, and this semester, his cuteness seems to be increasing to a level that make us all wonder:"He can really be this cute one hah? Ewwww...." Anyway, he is same age as my Yin Jie lah, so I am treating him as a friend instead of a lecturer.

Back to the reward story.

His subject is almost all about maths. Equations lah, derivations lah, something like that. So far, we did a lot of derivations. Some of that, he asked us to do it ourselves as answers in his lecture note is incomplete.

For that, just to make us do it faster, he 'bribed' us. The first time was RM5, and this time is RM3. Haha!

If only En. Megat does this in his class, I'm so possibly sure that everyone would be more proactive in answering his questions. AND, please lah don't focus so much on the kakaks -_-


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