Kanas 喀纳斯 Trip (21/5/09-24/5/09)

I planned to make the stories short, by combining all my China trips into one post. However, I think my loso-ness has failed everything. The only solution is to tell the tales one by one, bit by bit. -______-

It was one of my best trips in China, in fact the places I went to are one of the best places in China too. Beautiful places, wonderful people, it just awesome.

Urumqi has a very well organized tourism plans to a lot of places within Xinjiang with different pricing, routes, terms and conditions offered by dozens and dozens of travel agencies throughout Urumqi. Plus, some of my teachers are tour guide-into-teacher type, so we always seek for their help whenever we urge for a trip.

This trip was planned in conjunction of the school's sport day. Zhang Lao Shi don't agree that we purposely ask for leave just to go travelling, so we have to wait for long weekends.

This time, it is a group of 14, including old couples, middle-aged couple, a family, lonesome people etc. It is by far my most favourite tour group and tour guide. ^^

The trip consumes 4 days because the first and the last days are actually pure road trip only. Going to and coming back. This whole trip takes about 2000km to-fro journey, so just imagine our pain in the tour van. Argh.

On the way going, we passed through a distance of road which is actually an animal protection area something-like-that. The road eventually cuts through the zone, and there are fences by the roadside to avoid the animals coming out to the road (which reminds me of En. Megat who hit-and-run a family of monkeys during his drifting at the small road to Kuala Perlis for those who knows what am I talking about).

In this zone too, the tour guide said we might be lucky enough to catch a view of a kind of wild horse, so she asked us to pay attention. Even the driver too was slowing down for us.

This is the wild horse lah~

They have names too, called 普氏野马 Pu Shi wild horse. Not really sure how they get the names. We were really lucky that able to see one. In fact, I'm the luckier one because I got to see twice!! ^^ This kind of horses walk in groups and announce their territory. The group usually consists of a male leader, with his wifes and children. The male horses will fight with another male horses for the territory. The loser will be drived from its group and territory, leaving it alone for the rest of its life. So, I get to see two losers because both horses walk alone.

Our first stop: 五彩滩 Rainbow Beach.

Although the weather was not convincing enough, the tour guide told us it would be regretful if we missed this place. However, all of us regretted to visit this place, summore need to pay for extra RMB50 for the ticket. =.=

The main tourist attraction of this place is its Ya Dan 雅丹 landscape, with the colourful sands and rocks. The place is quite beautiful though, but because of the rain, it spoiled everything. We can't even see a nice sun, let alone nice sunset.

We stayed at 布尔津 Burjin that night. It is a town created because of the booming tourism industry (I think lah), so for me, the town looked kinda fake.

Second destination/stop:

This place is the theme of this trip. The feeling is like: "Am I in heaven now?" YES, that good.

It's unlike any other place you can see in Malaysia, even in China too! They said this place is quite similar to Alps, so if you've been to Kanas, you don't have to visit Alps already because 'IT IS THE SAME'. Cool hah?

Xinjiang Kanas National Geopark is a well preserved park and there are a small ethnic group staying in the park, the Tuwa 图瓦. Kanas is within the Aletai mountain range, with the famous 喀纳斯湖 Kanas Lake. The thing is whenever there's a huge lake, there sure has a monster inside that lake. Hmmm...


卧龙湾 Dragon Bay

月亮湾 Moon Bay

神仙湾 God Bay

The stream and mountains and bays through thousand and thousand of years of formation has produced such wonderful scenes. On our way to the lake, we get to see this bays from the upper view. Later that day, we get to experience the view from the lower view. Awesome!

home visit to Tuwa village

One of the events we 'purchased' was the Tuwa home visit 图瓦人家访. Tuwa people is said to be the descendant of Gengis Khan, so every household will hang the picture of Gengis Khan in their home (The one above my head in the upper picture). Besides that, they have a series of animal furs hanging on the wall too. Fox, wolf, raccoon, squirrel etc. Just cool! They introduced their food, drink, musical instruments, milk wine, dance etc. Entertaining and fun! It's my first time drinking a hot fresh milk too! Simply nice!

We hang out with our tour group members for lunch beside Kanas Lake. It was such a great fun!

Along those bays I mentioned above, they have a path leading us to the bottom of the bay, and every bays' path is linked, so we can walked along the bays by the stream.

Along the way, I noticed this freaky scene. Do you see it? It's goats' legs! The 'hole' is actually a root of a huge trunk which had fall down. I don't know how those ended there, and it's really creepy. I even felt the creepiness when I jumped down the path to take this picture.

On the next day, we went for another 'purchased' event: horse riding to musical fountain. The horse riding session was fun!

This is the musical fountain. It's just a small one, but a full-of-tales-and-mysteries one. It is said that Gengis Khan used to stay and rest at this small pond. He patted some water from this fountain on his wound, and miraculously, his wound healed! Well that's the myth lah.

Try to notice closely, you can see some tiny bubbles inside the water. The water of this fountain is actually coming out from the earth. And, believe it or not, if you scream or shout or making loud noises which produces high pitch and high desibels, the bubbles will plop faster and bigger, and some other small bubbles will plop out too! Amazing!

After leaving the geopark, we stopped by another place which I rather not telling about because it's so random and annoying. It's a courtesy of the travel agency.

On our way back, we stopped by the Ghost town. We didn't enter though as we visited this kind of place before.

Conclusion: I'm satisfied and happy =)


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