Riot in Xinjiang

After carefully read the news reports in The Star about the deadly riot in Xinjiang, (sorry, I never have a chance yet to read the newspaper carefully), I am so horrified to believe the fact that the sweet, harmony and wonderful place that I just leave for about 3 weeks ago after staying there for 4 months has turned into a warzone-alike horror situation which is too hard for me to even imagine about.

Families and friends have been giving me message on my Facebook wall, smses etc to tell how glad they are that I've come back a little earlier due to the occurence of the riot. It still brings a great deal of shock to me that within 2 weeks after I have left Xinjiang, on the spur of the moment, such horrible incident would happen.

I'm not in any stand to judge or even say anything about this riot. The only thing I can defend about the place is that I have a really wonderful time there and I truly enjoyed every moment. The people is lovely, the scene is splendid, the memories are just so unforgetable. The conflicts between the minorities are unavoidable, which is the same to all the places with multiple religion and ethnic groups in this world. We just need a peaceful solution to prevent it to become even worse.


Zhang lao shi and Ma lao shi, can you please reply my sms? I've been worried about you guys!!

.:I pray for world peace:.


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