Final Year Begins (1)....

.....and is NOT free at all!

Up until today, I feel like I'm so much in tension, so stressed and no relaxing feel. Chez~ So, even I eagerly wanted to tell my trip stories, still need to delay lah... Haih

This first week is very crucial. Many important decisions have to be made within this week: confirming the course registration thingy; hand in FYP title selection form; this and that. Argh tensionnyer~~

Yesterday, I rearranged my room's feng shui position with some help from my dear housemates. Now, I feel so much like at home, because I have the table in my room! So now I can officially become an autism who never walk out of her room whenever she returned home. Haha!

To make me feel better and make me missed China more...

Liu Jing took this photo when I was choosing keychains. I miss China's pasar malam! Hopefully the riot don't affect the school area. *finger crossed*


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