A Son and A Daughter

Before anything, it's not what you think. I'm not married, and of course, I'm definitely not pregnant yet. Relax...

As you might know, my house has a pet dog named CoCo. She is a cool dog, 很典型的我行我素大家姐.

She plays nice, she is not active (maybe because of her age), she never begs for food, she lets the cats have her meal first. She knows the right time and the right way to grab our attention, especially when she needs shelter and protection.

She doesn't care much about her surrounding when she's safe. Dad says, however, she goes out to the street in midnight.

Anyway, when BiBi, the new house pet comes along, it is a whole new chapter of story.

As a mischievous little puppy, he is hyper active, he bites things, he runs around, he creates chaos and mess, and thank goodness he responds very well to our call.

^OMG... It's like rubbish dump...

^being punished because he destroyed dad's shoe

^Having fun with his new toy

^Uber cuteness overload sleepy face

As per title, there's a story behind that.

Last few days, the temple in the neighborhood was organizing a celebration of a god's birthday, so the traffic load in the housing area was increased tenfold.

One time, they were attracted by the barks outside the house, so they ran around excitedly and hurriedly. Worried, I went to the door and shout:"Watch out the cars! Be careful!! CoCo, look after your brother!!"

After some time, I went out to check their whereabouts, and when I called BiBi to come back, he straight away ran to me without even look at the road, and there's a car coming towards him. Panicked, I shouted:"Look at the road!! Watch out cars!!"

Then, I stopped, went inside and told mum:"Gosh, it's like I'm shouting to my son!"




tino said…
beh tahan...ai zak white white dui ki zo peng you liao...
tino said…
white white a katok, gui le mulut pang ki liao =.=

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