Singing CNY Song

Last week, I was humming chinese new year song continuously while riding motor home from HUSM, then I was stunned for few seconds when waiting for the traffic light.

"What is wrong with me?"

I thought myself.

I really can't explain why I would suddenly hum CNY song, it just goes on and on.

Must be one of my brain neurons twitched.

I leave it alone and continue humming again. Automatically.


And so, I understand the cause behind it today, as I started to sing another happy mandarin song which share a same rhythm with CNY song.

It's because of the traffic jam that start attacking Kota Bharu town for the Raya!!

It really awesomely SHIOK when you overtake all the cars stuck in traffic jam with motor, it's so shiok, I wanna hum happy song! :)

As I heard another old-time song in the Taiwan variety show today, I'm gonna hum 紫丁香 tomorrow. :)


tino said…
"What is wrong with me?"

Wrong Wrong Wrong with me~~~

(song from leehom)

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