I am bored, I want to write something, but nothing exciting happen on my life lately, so I'm gonna share some memories when I was in China last year, because I missed the life there too!

P/S: The pictures were taken using my phone, so I don't think they were published in my blog before, as most photos uploaded in the blog were from the camera.

I recently e-mailed Zhang Lao Shi, the teacher who helped us a lot during our stay there, and I felt so happy and excited when I received her reply! :)

^The first meal we had after arriving Xin Jiang

It was literally the first culture shock for me. The portion of the food surprised me, and even frightened me. We shared, but still couldn't finish it! Then got this kind of 挫折感 for wasting the food. However....

The portion win over our digestive system. Initially, we share quarter, later share half, later eat whole portion by ourselves, and later add some more!! -___-

The common conclusion reached: 胃都被养大了!!

^The first cat we met in Xin Jiang

For some don't-know-why reason, we thought the cat is different than those in Malaysia. Of course, they need some extra features to endure -20 celsius winter!!

^Our first 大馄饨 near police station

The best nanny and friend, Liu Jing brought us to this Wantan shop to have our first 大馄饨 after settled the foreign students application. We need to do that although we only stayed for 4 months. They have all kind of meats in the wantan: pork, lamb, beef etc. The soup was superb too!

^This is how the classroom looks like

They still use blackboard, chalk, and very traditional looking teaching platform! Not to forget the ever unforgettable way of cleaning the blackboard: Wipe it with water! which will only end up to be more dirty

^The Devil Tower!!

It was some sort of voluntary program organized by the Tourism class to a mountain near the school. The journey was adventurous!! Muddy snowy road, below zero temperature, it was just awesome! I met some nice friends from the class too.

^The meal in the school canteen...

...that I won't forget. It was a pretty traditionally classic meal, by using the multi-'compartment' plate, whole lot of rice, and dishes which price is according to what we choose. I think this plate of lunch is RMB3.00, with 2 vegan and 1 meat dishes. This is also the place where we learn to eat rice with chopstick.

^My most favourite!

I don't even know where to look for this in Malaysia! I missed it! :(

^Credit for the stall

There's a small road in front of our school, selling various kinds of food and stuffs. This was taken when the aunty preparing my chicken fillet. There's 2 stalls selling this kind of 小吃, but the other stall was always crowded. So whenever it seems like taking forever to buy my favourite at the other stall, I would buy it with this aunty.


...or something like that. I can't remember the full name! :(
The soup is nice! Ever since we ordered it for the first time, we fall in love with it and can't have enough of it! So during our last month's stay, we visited the shop and have it for the one last time.

^Dog meat!!

This is the actually selling in the super market! OMG. Due to the cold weather, the people look for meat and stuff to keep them warm, so along the road, it wasn't a weird scene where you can see rolls and rolls of shops selling dog meat. I never try it though, it's too awful!

^This is the alternative transportation for taxi in GuangZhou...

During our arrival in GZ, it rained cats and dogs, and we were stuck after the airport shuttle rudely got us out of the bus. The road was jammed, no taxi available around, and there are ponds and ponds of water log. The uncles with this kind of scooter approach us for a ride. We resisted at first, but after a period of frustration, we gave in. It was pretty amazing that they were able to pile up our obviously-plentiful luggage on two scooters, seated 3 people per bike and off we went to our hotel.


Fried noodle I had in Kaola Youth Hostel in HuangShan. Although it is nice, it's overpriced.

^The name of the place on top of the bus station

This is quite a 'China' thing (as I saw), so I get to know where I am. Haha

^This is mom, with the souvenir hat I purchased in Xin Jiang


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