Raya Weekend Getaway (2) - Pulau Ketam

Tino has a puppy named white-white. Probably a mixed Dalmation since she has black dots on her white body.

During Raya, no one was home to take care of her meal. So tino brought her to PJ.

^She is one super duper hyper active dog.

^so, sometimes, need to 'strangle' her

^witnessed a road accident on the way from Setapak to PJ

Despite her hyper active behavior, she knows how to put on an uber cute face too.


Well, she kinda deserved it lah coz she 'destroyed' a sandal of one of the housemates. -___-


Back to the story!

The other day, SNK brought us to Pulau Ketam, which initially was the plan, then changed to other place, then changed back to the original plan.

Our first stop was Klang BKT at Klang obviously! Duh~

This BKT restaurant could be one of the famous in Klang, I didn't ask for verification, but the number of people flooding the place was a solid proof.

As per compared to another BKT restaurant right opposite of it...

^which was quite kesian的感觉....

As we were waiting for an empty seat and table, another living creature was waiting for something too nearby us.

^This one, also with kesian的感觉

Dad was kesian with it, promised to bring it (I didn't know the gender) some food, which in the end he forgot, so the dog was kesian in the end.

Yum Yum!!

After the yummy BKT breakfast, we went to the port for ferry.


There is several kind of ferries to Pulau Ketam. There's the fast with air-cond one, open air speed boat, and open air slow boat. We took the fast and air-cond one since it was a super hot morning.

^After about 1++hour later, we arrived.

It was a fishing village with majority Chinese. Their main transportation is bicycle, as the 'road' is not suitable and dangerous for motor-bike. The houses are one of the unique features of the island too - 高脚屋 floating house.

^Like this one.

^The muddy area, where you can see baby crabs!! :)

Some extended their house alley towards the sea as a port or something.

^We spotted puppies and their mother at one of the alley

^Pretty much uneasy views of the island

Too bad, most of the land here are polluted with rubbish.

^A heavily pregnant dog near the jetty.

To ease our trip, SNK rented bicycles for us to go around the place.

^Taking picture on one of the arch bridges

But, because it was far too long away since we rode a bicycle, needless to say to carry a person, so in the end, mum and dad preferred to walk. Sound very 不孝 -____-

^Us taking few steps ahead

^Mom and dad romantically walking behind

Since the main transportation here is bicycle, they do a magnificent makeover of bicycle to accommodate their daily life.

^A bike modified for infant and children. Cool~

Then we continued the sightseeing journey on the island again...

^Mom carried me

^Mom carried ErJie

Never underestimate the veteran!!! :o I was complaining about one of the bicycles as I couldn't carry ErJie, but mom carried us without any difficulties.

After another hour, we sent the bicycles back to the shop and went for our lunch.

^Police station near the jetty

We had our lunch near the jetty and the only shop 'I think' which serves ABC. The weather was so hot, we wanted to drown in ABC lah~

^Steamed fish

^Lala! attracted cicak and crab!!

One of the attraction:

^ErJie had three!! :p surprised all of us~

Anyway, the cicak was a little hungry that...

^...it went to mom's plate

And.... the summit of all...


...which we thought they forgot to serve.

^Just look at the size of pincer! Yummy!!

After the lunch, we headed to the jetty to go back.

And, of course, cannot forget the 'jump here jump there' mission lah~

^This time, dad joined us! The expression of the uncle at the background is million-dollar! :D

^Macam-macam gaya pun ada~

^The restaurant below the tiang was the one we had lunch at. There was a wedding reception that the karaoke was so loud, we could hear it from the jetty.

When the boat came, we hooped up and went back to Port Klang.

Initially, dad wanted to experience the speed boat route, but the boat was a little late, so we went up the slow wooden boat. But for some unknown reason, the wooden boat took a life-long time to depart too, at least 2 speed boats and 1 air-cond boat had departed. Sigh~

^So this can more or less explain mom's expression. Haha~

One of the wrong boat selection again was it was partly filled with a tourist group, along with their noisy tourist guide.

^She would sing and dance, and have this annoying horse-like laugh.

The first few times of hearing it was okay lah, but after three times, it became pure annoyance.

It was quite a nice trip, but I don't think I'm coming for second time again. Perhaps...


tino said…
horse-like laugh...siu ki lai pun beh tahan

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