After Trip

1. Mom wasn't really satisfied with the number of purchase of the documentary books in promotion, so we went back to the book fest the second time on the next day.

That day was a lot less people than the previous day. We have our sweet time luring around the halls for our books.

^Second trip, total RM300++ & almost RM2k for the computerized dictionary
feel quite speechless that a Master student will be using it -_____-

^My collection :)

Besides that, I have completed a project too.


The project started at January, it took a little long time to finish this, and the outcome is a good one. Anyone interested to buy if I sell it at RM20? Hehe...

With the completion of the project, I will soon start another project. A BIG one.


I can't promise how long can complete this, as it is one-meter-long project. Plus the owner of this project wants me to send this to her with me, means I will be going to Brisbane for this project, so.... Just wait and see lah :p


tino said…
beh zak white white dui ki zo peng you liao...
tino said…
eh...xiao co beng liao

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