Raya Weekend Getaway (1)

We went to KL on the Raya holiday for a serene weekend getaway and to avoid the uber traffic flowing into KB.

Just look at the traffic going to KB lah!!

We have a good reason to run away from home leh...

By the time we arrived KL, it's just about time to pick tino up from her work place, and headed to Chao Yang pasar malam for some dinner shopping!

Oh goodness I miss the 豆花汤圆 so mucheee!!!! :)

^So the party begins....

^Look at the foooood
mom said it looks like trash

^The 'Uber FULL' look

Later that night, the parents rest at home and we the youngsters went for a movie, 老牛与嫩草.


The next day aka the first day of Raya, we went to KLCC 5th International Book Fest as planned. Things got a little sour when looking for parking, but books make everyone's heart melt. Haha!

If you wonder where did every Chinese go during these day, here they are!

So clever of me, I didn't take any pictures showing the Bookfest's title. -___-

The entrance fee is RM2 per person and we were given a paper band like those in Genting as proof of purchase.


I think 98% of Chinese showed up here, hence the crowded scene. We could hardly move or turn around, the only movement available is to follow the crowd.

^Super crowded!!

And, as I thought the Chinese books part was crowded enough, the CDRama, stationary, and English books part were even worse. (The hall is divided into two parts, one big part of the Chinese books, and another part for CD, stationary and English books) All I could do was to let the crowd pushed me forward.

Anyway, we have a big harvest. Total of RM600+++, consists of books, one paper shredder, one CD folder, one stick-on notes and one bag.

^大丰收!!! =)

After the tiring book hunting, we went to a cafe called Levain, near erjie's office for some lunch and high tea. It was dad's request as he was tempted by erjie's birthday photos in FB.

Nice ambience. Cozy environment. One weak point: too many people, so it's a bit noisy.


No I didn't take this, but it's the name of one of the cute characters in this cute comic! ^^

^Some of the bread we had

^The pizza which Lim Daddy play around with

^Nice dry curry pasta. I loike!

^Strawberry tart, cut

^The drinks

Do all the espressos in the world share the same size? I think so. Because everyone (include dad who ordered it) was surprised of the size. Just hope I didn't let dad has the wrong drink haha!

^The size sequence of drinks

^Well, quite innocently that the drink is tiny enough, it's spilled. -__-

^Jiak ba liao.....


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