Generation Gap

This post was inspired by the FB comment on my friend's wall. She talked about the conversation of a bunch of 4 year-olds' (she mentioned some are not even 4), which are all about iPad, iPhone, apps and stuffs.

Slowpoke me, again, I started to watch CSI NY Season 7 (just started... -_-) episode 2 tonight, and it's about a murder witnessed by Adam from a chatting network, and it's truly internet savvy episode.

I notice the significant generation gap from the kids in this generation and what we've been through 10, 20 years ago.

I was still using a bunch of 3.5" floppy disk during my Diploma time, and it's just 6 years ago~

Look at now, iPad, iPhone, high-performance laptop, and the lists go on.

I had a chat with housemate about this topic, and he said that's how the world evolve, and imagine what would it be 30-40 years later? We might end up lose track to the new technology then.

Sigh~ Well, I pray for world peace. :)

Pathetically, I don't even know what is 'WhatsApp'. -_-


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