Cocozbelly Dance Night 2011

After weeks and months of practicing and rehearsing and frustrating (not me), the night has come finally.

The venue of the dinner was at Khoon Aik hall. It was a full house, about 30 tables overall.

We headed there in the noon to have a final rehearsal, position arrangements and stuffs. All performance would be done on the floor, which means the same level as the seats, so we needed to adjust and readjust our position so that it won't seems too blank, too near, too far etc...

Had my hairdo at an in-house saloon (which was a little overpriced since all she did was curling up my hair with some sprays) and makeup done by our dancemate Lee Ching.

Luckily for us, our table was right next to the dance floor, so we could watch the show conveniently. Unfortunately, since the dinner's arrangements went haywire, we had to be prepared and standby most of the time. Anyway, fortunately for me, I had my usual appetite :)

It's around 30 dances overall, including the solo dance by the 'grand belly dance master' Miss 许雪玲. It was breathtaking! The body, the dance, everything! Our dances were the 6th and 27th.

After the grand finale - JaiHo dance, it was the happy hour time, the hall turned into a disco dance floor. There's a lot of aunties uncles in Kangar who can dance really well!! Impressive! We had our crazy fun too :)

When the waltz music going on and on, we got bored and decided to call it a day. Went back to Lee Ching's house to remove our makeup and chit-chatted until 2am :p

Maybe, we gonna challenge again next year? :p

^How come my smile so fake!? =.=


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